We met up with Mingmug today!! He’s interning in KL as well-at the DAP service centre- and we finally got to see him after ages, that is…well just three months, actually. And he’s damn cool already, with his hair all spiky and everything. Mingmug has gone grunge! Though, typically, that’s the result of him telling the hair stylist to ‘cut it any way you want’. -.-

Okay the hair’s not captured so well here.


Or here. HAHA. Mingmug is still as willing to smile for the camera.
Behold my Princeton-bound intelligent friend, looking like the bright spark he is.
After (anumberofweeksIcan’tremember) in Japan, Mingmug is now fair, radiant and absent-mindedly bowing to people he meets around town.


My food. Damn good, a damn big helping, and damn that burnt hole in my pocket too.
This is the first time I’ve ever had a shrimp dish with so many shrimps, I couldn’t count ’em.


Paul’s former kindergarten.


Nice day altogether. Had a good lunch, walked around a nice classy non-LRT-accessible mall (i.e. no infiltration of yadayada), watched Wanted (James McAvoy is so cute and Angelina Jolie is so old. I hope she ditches this genre really soon. She’s wrinkly already), then went on a 2 hour plus drive around KL. Damn nice. Plus it was in the rain. Okay damn nice for ME I wasn’t the one driving!! Mingmug was 😀

Anyway yes I finally actually get to connect the dots in the city and you know, at least have a fuzzy idea of where’s where, since I nod off on the train every morning. Though of course don’t ask me for directions. I confuse Damansara Jaya with SS2, yes I suck I know. Haha. Just ask me for people to ask for directions.

So what do I think of KL city centre? On a whole, dark, and musty, and damp, and badly-maintained. But some spots have much of a charm, I’ll say. Bukit Bintang area, for example. So duh, can you tell it’s an expatriate haunt? (edit: Okay la I mustn’t be so mean. It wasn’t that bad. From inside the car) Anyway, you just can’t compare anything to Perfectland. Perfectland is like LSD. Once you get high on it nothing looks the same because you expect the rest of the world to be clean and efficient and safe. And by Perfectland I mean Japan to Ming Loong and Singapore to me and Alex and Paul.

Ya but I’ll take Coventry and Warwick anytime still. (Crosses fingers on one hand and shakes the middle finger of the other hand at the sky – FIGURATIVELY LAH)

Then at night we went to eat satay with Alex’s family and Ming Loong in Kepong (which I found out is at the other end of the Highway, one end of which is Sunway). Actually we ate a lot of other stuff, so much so that I nearly had a stomach hernia, especially since everything tasted fab. But I like satay the most.

Okay we had satay and ice kachang/ais kacang and Hokkien mee (which is cooked in black sauce here in KL, Singaporeans) added to my own serving of wantan mee.

Whatever lah everything was so good. Haha.

Okay I’m super sleepy and before my filter shuts down I better *yawn* go to…..