And thanks (to you and your family) for the treat.

A day of firsts: I ate escargot today! :S I’m not exactly very adventurous when it comes to food, really. I don’t even eat red meat! Shudder, shudder at the blood! Cooked blood lah I know lah but still??

And I drank red wine. Not exactly a first, but a first if you know that my helpings of alcohol prior to this were only ever a sip or two, followed by a cringe. Haha. But I’m not bad, I didn’t even turn red or feel woozy or anything. Shall I test my limit one day? 😀


I have a very bad habit, and that is to imagine my food in its actual form when I eat it. Fish, pork and chicken aside, of course. I once took a closeup of a snail and I will never forget its slimy knobbly underside. So today while I was eating my snails, I couldn’t help but imagine knobbly undersides.

Of course I wasn’t eating a garden snail.

But snails are snails and nobody shall tell me otherwise because all snails are slimy.

Reminds me of the time I ate with Qp’s family and I didn’t know it was goose liver until they told me then I immediately felt sick HAHA.

Anyway Paul i hope you like the gift! Please take a picture because I forgot to. Kthx (:

[Edit] Paul’s bday post an pictures of the damn cool (ha) gift here.



Paul Alex Me Yi Wang
P.S. Alex is NOT HOLDING A CLUTCH, he has his arm semi-around Paul and it’s the table in the background. Haha.


If you need a caption for this you’re not my friend.


The crêpe suzette in making. Tastes really good but really really mega sweeeeeet.

Anyway yay HAPPY TIMES!

Thanks Yi Wang for fetching us home and thanks Paul for accompanying despite your ujian memandu tomorrow! Hahaha.


On to something else (CLASSIC)- Alex’s kindergarten compilation!!!




Alex had a really big head when he was a kid. One day, when the kindergarten kiddies had to go to school for extra lessons on Saturday morning, they found the gate locked because the canteen lady forgot to unlock it.

So the kids cleverly decided to slip in through a gap between the wall and the gate.

And darling darling Alex…

couldn’t squeeze through because his head was excessively large!!


I hope we have kids that cute someday!!!