First of all, WELL DONE CHORALE! As I type they are either on their way to Amsterdam/on their way back to Singapore.
Yes, it is indeed very cool that 2 years ago we sang on the exact same stage. 😀



Pssst: Look at Ruth all red and tipsy. Hahaha!

Random memories of Marie vocalising goreng pisanggggggg during sectionals in Budapest. Ah. Talking to Jina at the back of the bus. Bridge with Ruth Nikki Avonne in the Dubai airport food court, and Ruth’s chicken masala thing. Walking out with Ruth to the lawn behind our hostel room in Vienna, and the amazing view. The beef doughball in gravy. Yi Hui counting and counting exchange rates and what not. The scrambled egg breakfast. The singing in the rain…and getting scolded by Toh for it. Climbing up the steps at either Pest or Buda, I can’t remember (the Fisherman’s Wharf, was it?), maneuvering cobblestone paths.

I still have the train tickets. The tourist information cards I plucked from the revolving stand at the hotel. The wrappers of random candy bars, not to be found anywhere within 100 miles and more of Singapore. Serviettes? Did I keep any serviettes? I’m sure I did. It would be unlike me not to save serviettes from trips.

Many other things I loathe to recall, as well. I wish I could redo this all over again, and make repairs. All-new Chorale Tour 2006, minus the under-utilised emotions, the hovering uncertainty, the recurring awkwardness for me — and add the special moments. Times ten.

If only! If only!


Clinton Ends Campaign With Clear Call to Elect Obama.

Yeah, baby. ((: