So I look forward to:

1. Alex’s parents and mine lunching together tomorrow. Today. Haha. Oh shit I just realised I forgot to wish my mom happy mother’s day.

2. Citibank internship. But I’m actually damn anxious.

3. Exploring Dempsey Hill with Claire come July! This idea totally made my night. Hehe.

4. SGF. But what if I’m a tour guide and I screw up because I’m blur and say everything wrong. WHAT IF there’s some VIP walking around and I don’t know him. I mean what I’m Malaysian how am I supposed to know!!


5. Warwick

6. Warwick

7. Warwick Castle

And yes. You either say it or shove it, you either come or go, don’t play around the edges and oh, I don’t know, expect. Grow up, really, because friends don’t expect this of other friends, not this way.

Oh and how exciting! Mich and IW might actually come to Warwick with me. Hehehehe. Then we can go traveling together! I can’t wait to go to Warwick Castle again.

Please please please please let me go.

Please please please please please.

Okay, going off to KL soon. Like in 7 hours. So won’t blog much, won’t be online much, will probably be busy coming home late and resting my feet and reading useful stuff and well, mingling with the in-laws (:D) but


So you know if I disappear for a week and you wonder whether I died, it’s pretty convenient.

Hi Paul if you’re reading this please tell me your Malaysian number and where you’re interning May 12 onwards so if we’re near one another you me and Alex can meet up yay. Oh and I hope your SMU Law Skolarship interview went well.



Goodnight! Zzzzz