I realise that having your own blogshop but not advertising it on your personal blog is actually quite dumb. I mean, of course, despite it being absolutely shameless, I guess people always say to advertise to friends and family first.

And of course let’s not forget the accompanying benefits i.e. nobody can blow my trumpet better than I can, right? 😀


So, lo and behold, I present:


Kay if that picture isn’t sufficient to coax you into clicking on it maybe my rambling will–>
Since I have nothing to do after A-levels everything I want to do after A levels as of right now requires my sitting around at home, I thought I might as well make full use of that and actually be somewhat tangibly productive. As opposed to filling my head with facts and words that I won’t really remember anyway.

Plus I love to make cards and pretty things–so I learnt to sew and make POUCHES!!

And after that didn’t really work out (oh Vanessa knows, doesn’t she now?) I diversified and sewed something smarter i.e. SASHES!!

And yes though of course I won’t reveal my *cough* earnings at least I can show you a picture and PROVE TO YOU THEY ARE SO VERY PRETTY AREN’T THEY!!! 😀

AND they are so useful. Belt headband bag strap tie scarf halter strap everything, how cool is that!

I want to keep all of them but sheesh nobody ever needs that many pretty sashes okay. No matter how good they look hung together.

Or lain flat down.

Or arranged together in raw material form. (all satin btw)

And everything is so crazily affordable, like SGD6, I can’t believe it myself. I feel like buying my own stuff.
Which doesn’t really make sense…since I don’t really consider my business and me separate entities (though legally you are supposed to).


Nah for convenience, here’s the picture link again. CLICK ON IT!

Jedi mind trick. *waves my hand* You will click on it (:

Hope it worked! See ya! 😀