So here’s the product of my ‘solitude’, as Ming Loong would call it. I recently identified a few of my faults.

1. I am unappreciative of those closest to me.
2. I have a very short temper.
3. I spend too much.
4. I give up too easily.
5. I procrastinate.
6. The only place I know how to prioritise is really in my head.

I sincerely hope the scholarship bodies to which I am applying will not be happily surfing the net with search terms like “mubbles wordpress”. Quoting someone who recently commented on my blog but whose comment did not get approved, “I hereby emphasise on what I just said”. Okay it’s not really literally relevant here but I’m too lazy to explain what I mean. I’m sure you get it.

Anyway I have valid explanations as to why these faults still exist despite me being well aware of them.

1. I don’t express myself very easily sometimes.
2. Genetics.
3. I am naturally bad at math i.e. genetics.
4. I don’t give up, I just undergo a revamp of my priorities. Since my priorities are subject to my wants and my wants are subject to my personal preference YOU CAN’T JUDGE ME. HMPH!!!
5. I don’t procrastinate. You just don’t know my secret schedule. I just pretend to be procrastinating.
6. It’s the thought that counts.

SO I proudly come to the conclusion that I am perfect. And you can’t tell me otherwise because:

What may seem like faults to you are actually…not faults!

So there!

[#7 I am constantly in denial.]
[#8 I stay up late to do absolutely nothing i.e. write blog posts like this]