You Can Count on Me OST

I can’t find any download source!!

[sonific 0ab3b05aaaed0ddd6801513e65f1bb13b7c0adf5]

I am currently in love with JS Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major BWV 1007 (can you imagine composing 1007 songs :O) , which was actually mostly why I want the OST above. Until I realised that the rest of the OST is country music ❤

And I love this cello suite. It is so deliciously depressing and brooding! You know, for example, if by the end of April I don’t get called for any interviews, this is what I’ll listen to while I…sit and mope by my imaginary scenic lake, or something. I used to like violins a lot lot more but now I think cello sounds way cooler because it has this…bittersweet ring to it. Not too high or screechy, not too low.

Like double bass. Double basses are like class clowns. Be quiet and unheard except for a pluck/joke or two because more than that is just irritating! And the viola is okay la but that’s the whole point, it’s just okay la. Haha.

This is like my first time getting in touch with classical music since…2005. Gosh that is quite a long time.

To the extent I forgot Bach is baroque? Haha. Please I was never ever ever any good at my piano lessons 😀 You might want to know what my very colourful ABRSM records are like. But when I’m free maybe I shall read my music dictionary again! And get reacquainted with arias and operas and all that stuff.


Anyway someone please recommend me more awesome cello pieces please!