Exciting stuff first.

10 Most Insane Rollercoasters in the World Videos.

Guess who the first prize goes to! Not Japanese, :O. Good old funky Americans. I thought they already lost out in the funky records section. Nowadays all that weird stuff is going to Asia or some obscure European country.
I’m pretty sure one day Dubai or France will build their own tallest roller coaster in the world and kick American Ass.

Or maybe Malaysia will :O

Okay we all know Good Friday and Easter Sunday have come and gone so this post is rather irrelevant on a post-post-Easter Tuesday but OKAY I am slow, and that is a well-established fact so here I shall give you the link to a post on the many parodies of the Last Supper! Not very funny but interesting.

The Simpsons!

House. Am I or am I not surprised that Chase is Judas :O


Apple Last Supper. What a jab, haha.

Link here.


Now on to moralistic stuff.

See what happens when you take drugs?

This reminds me of Billy Mack in that masterpiece by Richard Curtis that is Love Actually:

“Kids, here’s a piece of advice from your Uncle Billy.

Don’t buy drugs.

Become a celebrity and they give them to you for free!”