I clearly need to start cleaning up the mess that is my room, because a giant lizard just scrambled past me in a hurry after I switched on the lights.

Did you know? I hate lizards. I hate spiders. I despise cockroaches. If I had a choice, I’d make them all extinct. In fact, if you ask me, all insects and things that crawl should become extinct (especially after glimpsing the first 20 seconds or so of that REVOLTING video on Paul’s blog–amg), and nice creatures that prey on insects like some pretty birds should just go….find new food.

Whatever. I just hate lizards, and the wire mesh on my window seems to mysteriously displace itself so there’s always a slight gap even after I forcefully push it to the wall ): Damn these things.

But really, the rubbish on my desk is getting really suffocating ): Papers and er books on investment banking (don’t ask) and webcam and fabric scissors and tin boxes and pincushions and um eye make-up remover…added to the things that actually belong on my desk, sure make for a good hideout for spiders and lizards.

Anyway, this is going to be a post about JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS after a very very long break from swooning over him. I just watched the first half of Match Point. I don’t reckon these late night movies are good for my health but whatever 😛 Eye candy.

Or so I thought.

The last time when I watched the last half of Match Point, I thought JRM looked endearing in a pathetic way.

After watching the first half, I changed my mind. Chris Wilton (his character) is a freaking ungrateful cheating bastard with no regard whatsoever for kindness shown to him! I am so pissed off!

So what was the movie about? You know the type: classic battle between upper-class English wife with money in the family, and all that rigidity and conservativeness and manners and sprawling manors; versus a whirling clandestine fling with a sexy doe-eyed American cigarette-smoking beauty with very sensuous lips struggling to survive as an aspiring actress. Chris Wilton was stuck between the best of both worlds (from his perspective) but they were about to collide and go kaboom and spill dangerous secrets all over that beautiful new property of his and, clearly, cut short his comfortable job with his father-in-law’s company.

Of course I find the fact that he was in an affair, and even pursued it aggressively, very disgusting. Such lowly human character. But really I have to say it is quite a difficult decision for him, in the end.

How would you play it if you were him? If absolutely everything about your life was going flawlessly and beautifully–a good loving wife with money, dream job, dream house, dream in-laws and a new baby–except for one thing. You have been having an affair, and the girl is pregnant. What would you do? Usually people say that you have to bear your responsibilities as a father, but this one is unique. You’re a father on both sides, so which do you choose? Chris obviously didn’t want Nola (the American Girl) for anything more than pleasure. And he probably loved Chloe, though in a somewhat dutiful kind of way. Plus Chloe had money and offered him long-term stability.

So he made an obvious choice.

But the trick was how to make that choice–without anyone finding out. There’s the irony, right there. The decision was simple; but carrying it out wasn’t. So the solution?


Lol. Woody Allen and his movies :/

Oh well. But Alex said he rooted for Nola the American girl because she’s played by Scarlett Johansson. HAHA. Okay even as a girl I have to admit she has a very mesmerising stare!!

But well. JRM can act. He really pulled off that lustful desperate wuss character pretty well. And the final scenes, the murder, the convincing act he put up for the police, are impressive. Chris Wilton wasn’t evil, wasn’t a psychopath, in my opinion–he was just desperate to keep his life together, and saw no other way out. He was just, at the end of the day, a coward who couldn’t deal with consequences, a coward who never had the courage to withstand his own inner demons from the start. And JRM really showed all that. I mean, honestly! I watched those scenes before I was besotted with him so, give my opinions some credit. Hohoho.

Meanwhile, I shall revert back to ogling over JRM in August Rush (: A much better version of JRM to dream about there!

P.S.: NS people went back to camp ): Poor guys.

P.S.: “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate. –Sun Tzu” <— Fried, do you read the Art of War a lot? This sounds like you. :D:D