❤ These people make me happy:


Top row to bottom row, L-R:
The monk and the monkey, the bright green pull-up bar aficionado, the thinker.
The one who splurges on shoes and her funny-faced boyfriend.
The beary useless and the beary useless, the bright green bottom of the food chain, the hips ‘n’ ribs.
( look I wearing choir shirt. see I though I won’t be there on Saturday, I keep chorale in mind! hmph.)

This is us, half of whom just woke up from barely any sleep (: I shall post the one where we were trying to make this face:

once I get the picture from Mich. Haha.


Now I’m not sure what Pei Jie was doing in this picture. Either she was gesturing in her sleep with slightly open eyes or she just woke up from sleep.


This is what we did almost all day all night. WII!!!! Haha. Until I marched up to the television and planted myself in front of it around 9pm.

Then Han played Jerry Maguire.

And bored everyone to death (oops).

SO WE PLAYED WITH THE WII AGAIN. And the girls (even Claire :O) suck at Wii sports please. I think when the four girls were playing, all the guys could do was give us ridiculous looks.

Han: Lousy display of skills.
PJ: WAIT which one am I?
Me: OMG that wasn’t out??
Van: Oops! Hahahahah.

ALTHOUGH for the record I pwnz Han at boxing HAHAHA. 3-0!!! Han got KO-ed twice okay! But I cheated, all I did was spam without stopping to strategise and block or anything. HEHE.


Michelle say I poser.


I say Claire also poser. Hahaha.


Haha both so cute.


The beary useless people.



So yay this year’s stayover = another success though I nearly lost my voice from yelling at the television screen while Pikachu lightning-ed and Lucas BK (is it BK??)-thundered and Kirby woooooot and hammered my darling blue-haired Ike or Pit off-screen. Darn it. Haha.

Some rubbish to remember:

Claire: Do your ribs hurt?
Vanessa: Nope, I’m not lying on my hips.
Kah Han: I’m gonna do pull-ups.
Me: Don’t you’ll get sweaty and smelly.
Kah Han: No, it’s no sweat.
Pei Jie holds a camera.
Pei Jie: What is this?
[Army talk]
[More army talk]
Some of the girls: HAN go increase the aircond temperature.
Han (looks at Kahhan sleeping -soundly- on the mattress besides the remote): Ask Kah Han. He’s nearest.
Some of the girls: (react)
Han (grudgingly walks to the remote): Kahhan you lazy bastard.
Kah Han is asleep and wheezing a bit.
Ian Wern: If I tell Kah Han to stop wheezing he’ll stop wheezing. Kah Han, stop wheezing!
Kah Han stops. HAHAHA.
Ian Wern: Kah han, wheeze.
:O Kah Hans starts wheezing.
Ian Wern: OMG! Kah Han listens to my every command.

And the many trips to Macs! Nuggets <3. Pei Jie, I think we have found a very economical way of eating nuggets. 1 meal upsized + 1 box of 9 pc nuggets. Yum yum 😀

Okay. If I remember any other stupid stuff I’ll add them here.

Now I shall go off and continue angsting.