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Chorale performed at the SGF 2006 and after that we got a chance to walk around the place for free. It’s all SO pretty, seriously. It’s like they served you a buffet of paradises, just go there and choose your style.





On a separate note.

You know the nature vs. nurture debate. You know different people have differing viewpoints on which one holds more significance in determining behavioural traits.

Well this is the kind of nurture I get at home.

My mom and dad were arguing today about why my mom drinks so little water.

At first-
Dad [to me]: You’re like your mother lah! She hardly drinks any water. Every time I bring her supplements she says “Later! Later!” Then in the end never drink.

Mom: Eh that’s because you always catch me when I’m cooking! Here I am busy cutting carrots then you barge in and “NAH NAH TAKE YOUR MEDS” of course I say no la!

Me [tries to act funny]: That’s because he wants to be with you! When you’re in the living room he stays in the living room. When you’re in the kitchen cooking he comes to the kitchen to give you meds lor.

—-no reaction—-

Mom [indignantly]: And then I don’t drink water because you always save water! Every time you bring me my medicine you only give me half a cup of water. See lah, your father. Give the wife medicine also want to save water.

Dad gives sidelong glance of amusement and bemusement. (A-musement and B-musement. HAHAHA)

Dad: You want proof? [gets up, takes my mom’s work tumbler and waves it in our faces] See! This is proof! Everyday I fill it up to the brim for you, everyday you come back only this much is drunk. [holds fingers two inches apart]

Mom: That’s because I’m busy ma! Then I’m always running around, where got time to think about eating or drinking. Then on days I really want to drink you only fill until it’s three quarters full.

Me [tries to act smart]: So basically your drinking water is his responsibility la?

Mom: [Pauses. Laughs] But he always want to save water one lahh!!

Dad: But if I see that you don’t drink your water, what for I fill your bottle until it’s full?

Mom: No ma but every time I need to drink it’s 3/4 full!!

Hahahahaha. Intellect runs in the family 😀
Anyway for the record.

I really don’t drink a lot of water. I never ever used the bathroom in primary school and only once in secondary school. If you saw the toilets you’d understand why!