Tremble tremble tremble. How long is Warwick going to keep me waiting ): If it’s bad news, break it already, c’mon. Don’t make me sweat all this trepidation out for nothing.

Anyway I just wanted to say, champion of bad lines goes to Horatio Caine, againe. HAHA.

Mrs. Gannon: All I wanted was a family. Was I wrong?
Mr. Cool Shades: No. Family… [pauses as he tilts his head] …is what we all want.


{Speaking of family. My dad handed a piece of paper from all that A-level junk I brought back to my mom, saying, “Nah, you English lousy, I let you read the short one first”. HAHAHAHAHA.}

Anyway today’s plot is rather hilarious. Too complicated to explain everything so I’ll just tell you the ridiculously stupid part. Ridiculously stupid reminds me of a certain blog I read.

Nevermind that. Anyway.

A team of 3 criminals pretend to be a family– a ‘dad’, and his two ‘teenage children’. So they plot to find a way to earn big money. What do they do? They spot a rich woman and a rich husband who are members of a yacht club. This is a yacht club where rich people go to socialise with high society. So they think: Oh! If we get to know rich people, then we can plan to rob them!

So they tamper with the rich husband’s brakes so that he dies.

They somehow manage to make the grieving rich wife decide to join a bereavement support group, and then the Dad criminal joins the support group too to lend the rich grieving wife a crying shoulder. And tadah they fall in love and get married.

Cut to the present, 3 years later. The woman has no idea her ‘family’ is bogus. They are on a ‘family’ boating trip, someone dies, the CS SAI find a body on the yacht, they find TEN MILLION WORTH OF GOLD BARS, stolen from a guy who doesnt trust the bank but apparently keeps it in a place in the house that’s easy to steal from. Yada yda yada cool procedural shots, yada yada yada….

So actually what happened was, the criminal son pretended to date the daughter of the owner of the gold bars so he could have access to the gold. Then the bogus son and bogus daughter stole the gold, somehow it ends up on the family yacht, somehow there’s a body there….

Wait a minute. That was never explained. WHY the hell did they have the gold and body on board???

Anyway the point is, these criminals TAMPERED WITH BRAKES, planned a WEDDING, then waited THREE YEARS to build trust, then finally stole GOLD BARS only to transport them to the family yacht while having a holiday???


So stupid.

Why is Miami like that. Full of yellow shots of an already sufficiently yellow Horatio Caine (that strawberry blonde hair shudder shudder) tilting his head this way and that, alternating between wearing shades and holding shades?

I want to be a screenwriter. Then I will write a spinoff of Lost and make it damn lame but get rich anyway.

Anyway yeah. Rant over. Hahaha.


[Edit 3.25 am ]

“Some secrets do in fact have long lives. Not until 2004, three decades afterward, did it come out that Neil Goldschmidt, who became governor of Oregon in the 1980s, had sexually abused a 14-year-old babysitter while he was mayor of Portland.

Well, what could Oregon legislators do at that point? They took his official portrait and hung it in a less visible spot in the state capitol.”


“I’ve never seen it,” said Dr. Farley. “I don’t believe it’s a factor with these people. It’s just in their nature to push things. I don’t think they have a death wish. I think they have a life wish. They just love all aspects of life — some of it too much.”


Dr. Judy Kuriansky, an adjunct professor of clinical psychology at Columbia University’s Teachers College, said that “sex and power are extremely connected, because they’re basically an expression of this huge energy that these people have.”

Not uncommonly, she said, politicians speak out vigorously against the very behavior that they then indulge in, as is the case with Governor Spitzer. “You project wrong onto others that is symptomatic of your own behavior,” she said. “It’s called a defense mechanism. Basically, it’s unconscious.”

From the NYT:Politics, and Scandal, as Usual

I guess it’s understandable how these people would crack under all that public moral pressure. It’s quite sad, really!
It’s ironic that politicians deem themselves impervious in their positions of power when actually, being in power probably makes them even more vulnerable to discoveries of the sordid nooks and crannies in their private lives.

I can’t imagine myself being like that. Constantly under the watchful eye of the media. The better you are, the more eager everyone is to pounce on anything that would sully your impeccability. And probably the more desperate they get to scandalise you, the more they’d dig up little details and blow it out of proportion.

But I can relate to the need to unleash negative energy somewhere, though. Sometimes my frustration just gets to a point where I need to explode against something sturdy so I won’t break anything. So I let it go…on people I don’t know. I form opinions on a whim, I make unwarranted remarks, and, I know you don’t approve, or accept, but if you ask me, better this than self-destruction (: