Okay since I couldn’t find any emo/funny/act-emo/act-funny title for this post about my 6 days worth of traipsing around Singapore, I decided to put something very true and very random.

190 goes all the way from the HDB where I was staying… to Scotts Road and Orchard MRT and Dhoby Ghaut MRT and then down to Clarke Quay.

Damn happening right!? So much faster than MRT, even. I love direct buses. More than daytime MRT rides from Bishan to Jurong East. Too bad there wasn’t one from Blk 13/14 Teck Whye Ave to Bishan. If not I’d have been extremely full of praises for Singapore’s public transport system. Extremely full of praises is a paradox. How can you be fuller than full?

Anyway, this post is going to be a picture spam so if you’re illegally downloading a movie on Streamyx (I wonder if the opposition’s newly-acquired power and renewed need to impress us citizens will in any way result in us getting better internet), I suggest you stop either one. Haha! Anyway, I really had a great great time replaying all kinds of silly things we used to do. And I miss school. This is really the final batch-wide event of the 2007 class. We won’t be looking out for any official excuse to gather any longer. But of course there’s always the unofficial gatherings, just as funny, but more likely to miss. Like the chalet on 18th. I hope I can come! Then I can play sandwich-the-hand with CQ again.

[PS I hate these blogger wannabes who blog about elections to get traffic. I mean, all that blah blah about supporting opposition, I bet half the time they don’t know wth they’re talking about! Retards.]


It’s funny how we met the RI Morrisonian juniors/ boarders for our first and last dinner of the trip.


Okay not everybody could come ):


Nanett doing her alleged “45-degree turn”.


Paul and Nai attempting the alleged 45-degree turn.


Then the next day was Judgment Day. So many bald people! My goodness. Finally had a real picture with Wong Wen Hao but the only time the picture is good, he is bald. Too bad. Haha.


Stupid Han00b and his H3 Distinction! Hmmph. Plus he stole 3 sticks of bubblegum when he was supposed to SHARE! He wouldn’t even give up ONE when Ming Qing asked. Haha Ming Loong so tall. So cute.


Four of us at Centrepoint Haagen Dazs. Mich went off to spend time with The Boy. So we semi-splurged on 3 scoops of ice-cream to share between two people. Look at mine and Claire’s nice pastel plate of pastel ice-cream. And compare that to PJ and Van’s ugly brown plate. Whose nicer? 😀


Clairebearyuselessworx. HAHA. Chiewbearyuselesstooworx. Okay Yes Van I know Chiewbear sounds Hokkien and vulgar. Like Chiu Beh or something. It looks profane. Doesn’t it?


Then after Judgment Day Part 1, Nat Paul Ming Cara Alex and I stayed out (cara left earlier). Okay wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped, because we were mostly tired, and after 2 hours at Minds Cafe, I am utterly convinced that my reactions are unusually slow. I seriously cannot count 5 strawberries in a split second, or watch out for bones while i shout twotwotwotwotwotwo. I SUCCCCCCKK. Claire we must go there together one day. Then we can play UglyDollies. So cute! I am damn sure u’d want to keep the cards for yourself 😀

But I suppose I achieved my purpose of staying out. Breathing in town area at 3-4am. Very very beautiful, not just in an aesthetic kind of way, but the feeling of wind and lights and pretty buildings and peace and water and walking through all of that at one go, is amazing.

I wish I could go through all that alone, and think, whenever I want. But that’s dangerous. Despite us seeing about 4 policemen along the river. Actually the guys saw, I didn’t see anything. And I am not surprised. 😀


On the SMU bridge.


It’s rare that I actually find artificial beauty appealing. But look! Surely you agree too. Something about that clear cut line between image and object just strikes me as oddly depressing. The reflection is so still, it’s almost as if you could dive into an alternate universe leaving barely a ripple behind. And nobody would ever find you!! I think that’s the draw of bottomless pools and cliffs. It seems so serene and hardly sinister that it beckons, so sometimes in a moment of irrationality you wonder if diving down will take you somewhere unexpectedly beautiful instead of shattering your skull and splashing grey matter half a mile from there.


The guys sitting by the river at Clarke Quay. Given the number of drunk people that totter about the place I’m surprised there aren’t any alarming death from drowning rates in Singapore. The steps are steep, there’s no safety bar or anything. Or is the water misleadingly shallow?? But anyway it was a very enchanting place to be. I love quietness, save for usual night sound. It makes me feel safe.


Crashed prac. Haha so good seeing them again. I honestly degenerate to a 5-year-old when I hang around them. Hehe. Peer pressure la must be 😀 And Bennett and Joash believed I was 21 -.-

Btw Paul, McSpicy is totally not hot at all.


Sunday met Ruthie and Kelly at PS and Orchard!!

Before that met Claire who passed me the NTU stuff from Open House. Then I bought 2 books at a book sale at Popular. Yay I love their book sales!!

Funny picture:


Really very best-selling. Haha.

BENNETT (hamster on ice) inspired me to buy a CLASSIC. I bought the unabridged version of Anne of Green Gables!!!! HAHAHA. I can’t believe it. 5 bucks. The other, another tale of sweeping Welsh countrysides, which I am currently reading and loving, is Eve Green by Susan Fletcher. I am totally in love with that book at the moment despite being only halfway through (:


I must learn how to make Cartel’s omelettes. I really really really love them <33 So does Ruth apparently hehe because we ate omelettes again!I love eggs (: I don’t understand how they make wet omelettes really. I must go and find out. Mind are always fried and crispy on the edges which are ❤ too but different!

I wonder what quail’s egg omelettes taste like. But can you imagine them! Mini omelettes. SO CUTE LA. Little circles of yellow. I want. I suddenly crave omelettes but no 2.32 am is a bad time to fry any O.o Especially since I’ve been eating lots of fatty stuff over the past week.


HEHE. I can’t believe we actually asked someone to take this for us.

It was damn funny because this white guy approached us and asked for directions to Orchard Hotel. Then we looked at each other, cluelessly, and said, very cleverly, “Erm.” Haha. Then the guy asked, “Oh, you’re tourists too?” And I, deciding to be even cleverer, said “No, we just have a very bad sense of direction.” HAHAHA. HIGHFIVE, KELLY! We discovered that we both suck at steering the car too hohoho. Seriously. I think it’s all that Sweet Valley education that led to us having so much pink fluff in our heads. What a riot. Haha.

Walking to Tanglin with Alex at night. Lovely, lovely (: Silence becomes so much more stark at night.




Monday lunch with Cher Shiong (the 8-distinction guy) and Sebastian!


I have a big chin.

I love NYDC baked pasta <33 Then after that we shared dessert at Coffee Club. Burn hole in my pocket la pls! But hehe good food indeed.


A dare. Haha. Then I dared Seb to open his mouth damn big in front of a Big Gulp poster but he didn’t dare. I TOTALLY WIN LOR.


Happy ending (: ❤

(PS Who says my blog is mushy!)