I don’t get this whole furore over elections and young people.

Someone blogged that it is very shocking and that it is beyond her how some underage kids (like us) could say things like “I’m glad I’m underage so I don’t have to vote”. And that by taking that stand we’re completely submitting ourselves into a ‘regime out to exploit the hell out of us’.

And that if we scream for change then do something about it and actually be part of the change, i.e., vote.

I’m not particularly against her views. I mean, they’re perfectly reasonable. But then again, that’s assuming that all of us really believe that voting for either party will actually bring about any change at all.

What if people think that both sides are chock-full of bullcrap anyway and voting for either side won’t change a thing? I mean, that is really very possible. Or because voting for either side will definitely have (predicted) consequences, right? And if the non-registered voter feels that both outcomes will have unwanted consequences, she’d rather stay away from the electoral process entirely, I think it’s perfectly justified that she doesn’t want to vote. It’s like: I have a hacking cough. I am offered an orange, a lemon, and the choice of not eating any citrus fruits.

OBVIOUSLY I’ll go for the third.

“I think the opposition is good and if BN doesn’t get the majority we’ll probably get a shot at making our demands heard. But aiyah I’m lazy to vote.”


“Both sides suck (for whatever justifiable reason) so I’m not gonna vote.”

The latter is perfectly reasonable, if you ask me! No matter how ignorant it sounds (ignorant rings a bell when I hear it hahahha) or how much a cover up for “I don’t actually know anything about elections so I’ll pretend I don’t care” it seems to be. The fundamental principle of choice and democracy is that you get to choose the more beneficial option for yourself right? And you have three choices: 1. BN, 2. the opposition, and 3. to not vote.

1. BN continues to pwn 2/3 majority –which you think is badbadbad
2. BN loses the 2/3 majority — which you might think is not so bad but might trigger off a chain of events that is badbadbad
3. It’s uncertain and you leave it to the people who actually have a stand

Nothing wrong with 3.


This is not a personal argument, btw. Haha. I’m just pointing out that people could actually really be apathetic and indifferent. Or that they really aren’t in a position to take any sides.

As for future non-voters who say they’re too young and they’re glad they are.

The blogger reprimanded these people because they’re willing to submit themselves to exploitation. Sheesh. They put an age limit not for nothing, you know. Because young people are supposed to be ignorant anyway. We should be glad young people CAN’T vote, knowing how silly and immature many of under-21s can be at times, what with extreme comments floating around and little people proclaiming their loyalty to this and that other party.

Okay i’m probably missing the point. The point is probably not that young people are dumb, but that they should at least care even if they’re caring on an uninformed basis.

But well. I’m not sure what my stand is on citizen responsibility or whatever but I’ll say this. Many people are selfish. And selfish people probably think that if Malaysia is going to the dumps but they can escape unscathed, they won’t care for change. Hence the excuses of migrate only lah. Honestly. This way we’re not submitting ourselves to exploitation anymore, are we? We might think that our politics are completely screwed up but if we can save our own asses, i.e. we have a way out of the exploitation by migrating, why bother voting? (WE being a general term, I’m not representing anyone)

Voters probably perceive non-voting as submission. So they choose the option they perceive to come with more benefit, i.e. vote.

Non-voters perceive voting as a cost, and non-voting as zero benefit. So the choose the option they perceive to come with more benefit as well (0>negative number) i.e. not vote.

Come on. Markets and the pursuit of self-interest. It’s exactly the same here.
We’re just in pursuit of self-interest. All of us, voters and non-voters alike.

Of course I can’t say much for people who actually BELIEVE IN the consequences of voting/non-voting but still go against their conscience lah. I suspect I am actually like that. But I’m underage.

I’m pretty sure I’ll wake up when I turn 21 and make a really well-informed choice then.

And about the recent surfacing of the government’s shenanigans. Sure sure, papers and whatever, government corrupt/non-corrupt whatever, Lingam whatever, but still. I’m pretty sure as you grow up and start working in Malaysia and everything there’ll be things you realise are never morally justified but for the sake of the big picture, i.e. in terms of practicality and really, endangering whatever semblance of multiracial harmony now (can you imagine what would happen if Bumi rights were to be taken away? Plx.), those things will be here to stay.

So? In the words of Ian Wern and Hawk Coy. JTB. Just too bad.

How depressing.

I’m glad I’m too young to vote.

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don’t have a seizure in malayzure