Met up with Gin Yuen and Yien today to watch Vantage Point. Whee! So, Yien. How do you like becoming an official galpal BFF? Blame Alex Chang.

Since Chang had to play chauffeur to his little sis and couldn’t join us, poor Yi En was sucked into the girls’ girlywhirlyworld because he didn’t have Chang’s MANLINESS (i.e. his unwillingness to take pictures) to join forces with and stand up against us. Hahaha.

But it was so retarded because the three of us were trying to camwhore and we figured that Yien being the one with the LONGEST ARM and THE GUY, and guys are SUPPOSED TO have a sense of DIRECTION and SPATIAL INTELLIGENCE, he’d be able to take a proper picture of us. But HA! This is what he gave us:


He says we’re short.
Not funny! Hmph. You just suck. Haha. 😀

Anyway you can clearly tell who’s got the bigger eyes between the two of us girls here. Hmph. If you can call mine eyes. They’re really just slits.

(P.s. Mich Van PJ Claire I think I have a tendency to hang out with people who like standing in the corners of malls to stone. Haha)


Then Gin Yuen tried. And HAHA now I agree we’re too short hahahah. You can clearly tell the difference between the way tall and short people judge camera angles LOL. But I like this picture (:


Okay so we finally gave up and asked some dude to take the picture for us instead. Not so short now, eh? 😛

Then Yien zhaoed off because he had to study for his Math and English (!) papers next week.
And so began the second chapter of the day: Major Spam of Old Classmates.
Seriously. We bumped freaking everybody, everywhere! Some working some slacking (like me hehe). Okay la not that many people but enough.


Stella! ❤ Haven’t seen her in AGES AND AGES! And whine. WHY DID I HAVE to slouch in this picture. Bad bad bad haha I look like I have a bone problem ):

But anyway, <3. So excited to see her haha. Then just when I was saying wah I haven’t seen Pei Yuen Carol in agessss either…


THERE THEY ARE!! Haha. Me in a picture with a bunch of Nicely Skinny People gosh. Life ain’t fair, hmph. Plus my top looks like I just got up from sleep, or something. Wa lao. Anyway look, another disparity in height. Haha.

But NICE (: I’m glad we saw them today.

So now I shall kok about Vantage Point.

OKAY I understand it’s a cool technique to do flashbacks but…

I mean, seriously. Why would one want to see so many reruns of Dennis Quaid’s grumpy face?? Doing the same scenes? Saying the same things in the same suit and making the same variations of more grumpy faces?? Sheesh.

But Forest Whitaker has a very endearing face, I must say haha. He was really the only character I didn’t want to see killed. Didn’t give two hoots about the rest. I suppose character development is rather impossible when you’re busy making the film rewind all the time like a bloody VCR -.-

Only thing I wonder is if they retook the scenes many many times or if they just…filmed everything at once with many cameras. I don’t know, I’m completely unfamiliar with stuff like that.

Anyway. The movie was okay la. Except at the end you feel kind of cheated, because the plot is not really a long continuous one, but parallel plots for each character in the movie. So at the end of the movie…wtf I sat here for two hours to watch what happened over 23 minutes?

Worse than Animal Planet. Geesh. At least in Animal Planet I actually feel sorry for the prey when it gets clawed to death. Vantage Point? Nah.

Well okay. Haha. The movie isn’t too bad la. Okay when you need to er chill and not do any thinking.

OH oh I just had to add. You know how cineplexes always display the name of the movie in whatever language the subtitles are in?

Today’s Vantage Point, in Malay, was “Sudut Visi Terbaik” which, literally translated back into English, is “Best Vision Corner”. HAHAHAHAAHAH whatever.

Okay bye I’m sleepy.