I’m tired of long posts.
(We’ll see how long this one gets)

I had the best driving lesson ever. The best. I didn’t panic, I didn’t steer like a madwoman, I was cool, calm, collected, I’m going to be the most fab lady driver ever to hit the streets of Malacca.

By hit, I don’t mean literally, of course. Not anymore haha!

Anyway I had a nice surprise today. Here I was sitting in my room feeling terribly FRUSTRATED while I was doing a nice template for my soon-to-be blogshop, frustrated for other reasons not related to the template I mean, and then suddenly there was a little noise outside my door. I thought it was my mom. And then there was a knock.

A really low knock.
Low as in, near the ground. I don’t mean low sound.

Then a very soft “Gugu!”

Omg. So my nice surprise came in the form of an adorable 2 plus year old boy in an orange matching shirt and pants suit. AHH haha.



My favourite nephew! Javen! Haha let’s call him Zhen Wei, Javen isn’t exactly a um common name.

Well anyway. SO CUTE RIGHT LOOK AT HIM haha. He has a violent tendency though. He takes my soft toys and throws them into my laundry basket for fun. And he nearly stepped on them.

Including Mubbles ):

But he really loves pillows. In a very I-nosedive-into-pillows-and-leave-my-face-there kind of love. Haha! So cute and huggable. I hope my baby likes pillows too! Sure, there are the dangers of suffocation but… SO CUTE. HOW DO I RESIST.

P.s: See? I told you it wouldn’t be a long post.
P.p.s: My soon-to-be a blogshop might never be one haha. But I have to say this myself. The template (which I cough designed) is damn pretty okay!