Oh, say, can you feel it ):
I really feel like I’m doing enough. Like I’m not putting in all I can to get what I truly want. And it’s not only the big things, y’know? It’s the small things too. Day-to-day plans, and things like that.

I procrastinate so. I’m hardly motivated right now, though I know exactly what I should be doing.

I feel like I’m pushing really hard against a wall of my willpower. I’m lulling myself, with this sweet, sweet lullaby, into a terribly fragile and false sense of security.

Something’s wrong. It oughtn’t be this way.
It’s gonna happen again. It’s totally going to be a replay of 05. Push rewind. Push play.

I want to actually deserve it. I must actually deserve it.
Maybe then I can actually blame something else that ain’t me.

And I think if I go on like that, I really don’t deserve anything at all.

Time is passing, fast, fast, fastfastfast.
Wait for it. It’s going to be legendary. Huh.