My attempt at baking mini cheesecakes. The texture of the cheese is fine, the taste is just great, BUT…

…the biscuit base was crumbly. ): Mommy says it’s because I didn’t compress it hard enough. So the first time I gave my dad one to try I had to scoop a heap of biscuit crumbs then perch the cheese layer on top of it. You know, to create the illusion of a biscuit base! (:

But it tastes great, so there.

Ha. (smug look)


My third attempt at a pouch was pretty disappointing because SOMEHOW the sides ended up a wee bit curved and bendy though I swear the topstitches looked perfectly aligned to me.

But then again I’m the one who can’t tell if the car is parallel to the curb when I’m reverse parking.

I think the pouch is quite pretty, except for the vintage-y yellow. I don’t fancy yellow. And I dislike (most) vintage. I go for basic pastel pretty stuff.

So besides the flowers, I don’t think the pouch is that great looking, unlike Jonathan Rh…wait, what was that? Nothing. I mean, I don’t think the pouch is that great looking. One wonders why I made it that way then. Shrug?

Anyway I shall name it the Bumblebee.
I went to the haberdashery and got some really pretty buttons and lace today! Yes, I’m excited. Places like that are so fun to browse. I mean there is a whole freaking smorgasbord of buttons. No end to the racks, I tell you. I felt like buying everysinglething everyribboneverylaceeverybutton. But of course, I didn’t, because my mom was the one who paid so AH conscience, no? But damn there were so many pretty, pretty colours, I went completely @.@

Yup, updates on my blossoming into a fully-groomed housewife.
What do you know, the next time I’ll be gushing about going marketing and telling lean and fat pork, fresh and stale prawns apart, or something.

But wait. I already know how to do those two things.

Oh well.