An evil person wrote somewhere that Rhys Meyers bugs his eyes out to look good.

And I’m soo happy Vanessa agrees that he is so cute. Haha.

Somehow that ring makes him look even better. I mean, guys wear rings to act cool I know, but hmm it actually works on him. I’m going to get couple rings for Alex and me soon.

Damn I can’t get that Irish accent out of my head.

August Rush OST:

01. Mark Mancina – Main Title
02. Steve Erdody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Bach – Break (LOVES)
03. Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Moondance
04. Jonathan Rhys Meyers – This Time (LOVES)
05. Kaki King – Bari Improv
06. Kaki King – Ritual Dance
07. Jamia Simone Nash and Impact Repertory Theatre – Raise It Up
08. Heitor Pereira and Doug Smith – Dueling Guitars
09. Steve Erdody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Elgar – Something Inside
10. Mark Mancina – August’s Rhapsody (LOVES)
11. John Legend – Someday
12. John Ondrasik – King Of The Earth (LOVES)
13. Chris Botti and Paula Cole – God Bless The Child
14. Leon Thomas III – La Bamba
15. VA – Track15

He can sing, dammit. And Jamia Simone Nash, who’s only about 12, is amazing. I mean, right now her voice is just cutesy, but that’s really some crazy diaphragm power and control there. When she grows up…I’ll be listening! And John Ondrasik, the 5 for Fighting guy, goes without saying.

<<What was your musical background, and how did you learn to look like you were really musicians?

Russell: I was a dancer. That was my musical background. I do have a sense of music, like if I had to fake a Tracy Chapman song. Learning cello is slightly different. I had a really great teacher who basically taught me a modified version of the fingerings, where I could feasibly be playing that piece … There was a lot to learn, and I hope it comes off OK.
Rhys Meyers: I enjoy singing in the shower and stuff.
Russell: He does more than sing in the shower.>>

HAHAHAHAHAH. He’s so cute!
I miss singing ): I really wish I could…do another year of Chorale. Be a Chorale retainee! Haha. Well anyway. Wherever I go for uni I really hope I’ll be able to do choral singing again :/

I blog everyday and it’s soooo annoying can someone PLEASE stop me ):