Talked to Clairebear and Van today about A-level results. Sigh. The day draws nearer, eh? Sometimes I think the anticipation for the results is worse than the anticipation for the exam itself.


What if I get B for Econs and GP? The end of my future as I know it.

Seriously, the end.

No university is going to let me through their doors.

Unless, of course, I pay my way through some unknown local university which people go to because they don’t have a choice or because they have never really had a clue about their goals in life. Which is probably the most I can afford.

Shit I sound damn elitist.

But whatever. Whoever feels insulted doesn’t need an apology, he/she just needs to get real.

Nobody ever expects any less, but not everybody has a choice.

Rot. All it takes is one flick of a piece of paper to determine what the rest of my life will be like.

Even good results are no assurance, but that’s the second part that comes later, AFTER you actually a chance at something good in the first place.



That’s all I need.

Okay, for each, which means 5. 5As.

Crap and JUST when I’m worrying about not getting 5As, Rapidshare’s code generator gives me this:


GG 5S!!


Watched The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005) on Star Movies today. Gem of a feel-good movie! I think HBO/Cinemax/Star Movies have really nice surprises sometimes. They air quite a number of less prominent or older movies which are arguably cheaper than Box Office types, but don’t underestimate them! They are in fact very very good, sometimes better than rot you can get from a pirated DVD any other time– famous, but not necessarily good shows.

Good movies like Match Point the other day (Jonathan Rhys Meyers :D)! And today, the Greatest Game Ever Played.

Based on the true story of Francis Ouimet, an amateur American golfer of low social standing who only wanted to play golf but was duly scorned by the upper class. Apparently golf was a game for the elite in that era–early 1910s. Then he pwned ass and stuffed everybody’s disdain back in their faces. Typical story, rather, of poor boy made good, except this time the fellow golfers (especially Henry Vardon, an English golf player who won six somethings in a row) aren’t spawns of Satan, but actually really respectable competitors who honour the other people in the game and are gracious when it comes to defeat. But the rest are pretty much are the same. The reluctant dad, the encouraging mom, the love interest, and the odd friend, who this time comes in the form of ten-year-old and plump, ADORABLE Eddie Lowery, half as tall as Shia LaBeouf, whose voice hasn’t yet broken and looks mega cute marching around with a high head and a bag of golf clubs, saying protectively “They’d have to get past me first!”.

But it’s a good movie! Doesn’t try too hard and go over the top. Just the right dose of fuzzy feeling.

Shia Labeouf is such a good actor! And he’s so lovable (:

The plump kid (Josh Flitter) is so lovable too HAHA just look at this!

Oh well.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers (King Henry VIII) and Natalie Dormer (Anne Boleyn) in the Tudors <333
Gosh why does he look so good. Plus that sexy crew cut too O.o Kelly would like that hair.

“Over on BBC2, The Tudors has been hailed as one of the channel’s raunchiest ever dramas as it portrays a young and sexy Henry VIII instead of the usual overweight slob.– [HAHA]

Aww that picture is so sweet.

But I suppose that swooning over King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn kinda gets cut short when you recall that he had her executed later in life….

…and married her lady-in-waiting.

Damn. But I want to watch The Tudors! Awesome period costumes and music. Plus it got excellent reviews on!
I’ll seriously get high on all those beautiful shooting locations. And Jonathan Rhys Meyers, of course. And all that British accents buzzing around. And a FULL ELEVEN HOURS of all that stuff. Swoon.


(Ming, looks like my posts are gonna continue having random combinations of topics. Haha.)