Okay, so guiding the cloth turned out easier than I initially thought. The last time was screwy because I used the wrong foot (i.e. component of the machine foot not leg foot). And this attempt took MUCH less time than the first time I made it.

I didn’t have a proper empty table upstairs to use as my ‘work table’ because my study table is never empty, and neither are my brothers. Haha despite the fact that they’re not even at home! We’re clearly tidy people.

So I did this on the computer table 😀 See this is what my pouch was before I sewed it all up and made it pretty (:


Well! Ta-da! 😀 I’m actually very happy with this! The top is a bit slanted because I didn’t iron it properly at the fold along the zipper but I’m too happy about it to care at the moment so here we are! (((:
The brown dot at the upper right corner is from a rusty pin :/


My pouch camwhoring.


See! A good size for money+travel cards+license (for those of us who’ll be driving soon! :D)


But one thing left to perfect is the hand stitching I have to do after I flip everything inside out. It’s not exactly very neat haha see? Nvm la next time I’ll just be smart and use white thread on white or black thread on black.

A pouch with a black lining! I think that’ll be cool. 😀


Well anyway! Mich! The pouch came along well (:
Yay I’m proud of it! Haha. Okay la not THAT pro yet but SECOND TIME ONLY LEH can la right :D:D:D



Dinnertime soon.

Shall go find food (:


And everybody go watch Numb3rs despite the disgustingly cheesy title it is a very very good show.
Today’s episode on AXN was so cute! Haha I think Charlie is <33 and so is his brother.

And so are Fleinhardt and Megan and Amita and everybody else!! I think they did a good job with the casting heh. I’m glad they pay quite a lot of attention to character development! I mean CSI is nice and all but sometimes I just want to see Lindsay and Danny actually making romantic gestures. Half a season since S3 finale already plx.



GAWSH Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so cute in this interview. Watch if you’re sad and need a (very imo) good-looking face to brighten up your day hohoho.
And that Irish accent. Ahh!! (: I wanna watch August Rush!!!