So I did it a third time. The peach cobbler.


After two trays of peach cobbler, the taste still didn’t seem quite right to me. And I realised what wasn’t right about both of them! They were too sickly sugary sweet because it was all flour and white sugar and no fruity flavour.

And why? Because my canned peaches are soaked in syrup, and not JUICE, as the recipe meant it to be. And syrup is basically….oh yes, sugar and water, how did I guess -.-

So this time, I added orange juice instead of peach syrup! (: And it tastes SO much better, it even smells fruity now! Before this it just smelled baked and. Haha. And today I think because I shifted the tray to the top level of the oven after 15 minutes (so it’d bake evenly) and baked it there for the remaining 20, the texture was better as well. Not as damp. Just as moist but not as damp.

If you get what I mean. Haha.

But it’s not as crunchy this time because my mother thinks too burnt = unhealthy. In the first place hers and my standards of “too burnt” differ greatly. Hmph. “Too salty”, “Too sweet”, “Too oily”, too, actually…

So Isaac asked me today to bring my peach cobbler “down to LT4” for them to try because “it’s so near anyway”. -.- LOL. If only I was that near, please! You’d be the first people I’d bring it to school for…because you’re really the only friends I have left still going to school. Haha! Okay okay I mean because my juniors are the most delightful bunch of people ever and who else would I bake for if not them, right? XD XD XD

Right. Lol.


I watched Episode 223 of CSI:NY today and my goodness, it tugged at heartstrings so hard, it completely pulled the lids off my tear ducts along with them.

After multiple rounds of Saving Private Ryan and Jarhead over the years I really have developed a sympathy for lonely war veterans. And to see one die just *snap* like that, when all he did was try to help someone, on the way back from failing his mission to look for his late partner’s fiance… ugh. It’s just depressing ):

And Aiden Burn(ed)! No wonder the episode was titled “Heroes”.

More about the tube and its delectable treats (like my peach cobbler).

Watch Match Point on Star Movies! πŸ˜€ It’s a good Woody Allen movie (7.8 on imdb). Woody Allen really has a penchant for explorations of the dark side of man and a sort of morbid, cruel kind of irony.

And Scarlett Johansson, who is by the way always a good reason to watch a movie. Also it’s set in the UK…yet another good reason. British accents! Why the hell not! Haha.

Oh and I chanced upon another cute fangirl-worthy guy. Jonathan Rhys Meyers. ❀ He reminds me of…what’s that guy’s name…Danny? from Without a Trace. Yep.

Except he looks wayyyy more bad boy than Danny. Come to think of it…he looks like CHUCK BASS (Ed Westwick)! GOSSIP GIRL! AHAHH!! They both totally have the angle-my-head-and-look-damn-pai kind of thing going on!!

Except that Mr. Rhys Meyers has enigmatic dreamy blue-grey eyes.

Okay now that I put them in a row… maybe not so much alike. Whatever! (:


Well anyway. On a random note (ming says my blog posts are too random):

kelly says:
yeah faith is not easy
kelly says:
im trying to take baby steps about it i guess
kelly says:
cos the only other alternative is without God and that is a hell lot worse
kelly says:
pardon the pun