The Making of a Mrs. Tan, Part Three.

Cooking (√)
Sewing (√)
Baking ( )

I’ve never been any good at baking. And it never occurred to me to try either because I don’t really fancy cookies (which is the most basic thing to bake imo) or cakes (which my mom loves to bake). But since I’ve been undergoing intensive domestication over the past few months, I thought I might as well go all the way and get chummy with the oven.

So today, despite a persistent cough, and me knowing full and well that sliced peaches laid out for baking won’t escape unpinched as far as I’M concerned, and you know peaches are bad for cough, I went ahead anyway and tried my hand (with my mom’s supervision) at making a nice and fluffy peach cobbler.

And helped myself to quite an amount of peach. BUT!

To be fair, I took an extra dose of cough syrup. Ha! (:

Anyway, the first time round didn’t turn out all that well. It was too sweet (1.5 cups of sugar for a 9×13 baking pan according to the recipe GOODNESS) and it was too wet and sticky (miscalculated the margarine) and it was too thin (because we halved everything in the recipe in case it didn’t turn out).


But can la. First baking experiment, I’d say it’s not too bad already. At least it wasn’t gooey or crumbly or something.

Second time was much, much better because we made it according to recipe so it was thicker, with more peaches (yum yum), LESS margarine, and MUCH LESS sugar (.5 cup). And we added cinnamon powder :D.


(Okay the colour contrast is a tad strange here)

But anyway, since I’ve never tasted a real angmoh peach cobbler, I don’t know if the texture is right. It’s kind of bready and doughy and a little damp (1 cup of peach syrup) but it rose pretty well and burnt pretty nicely so… I have no idea. I can’t imagine it any drier or wetter :/

And YES as I’ve come to discover, baking is fun! YAY! 😀 That is, if I actually like the end product la. I don’t care for things like cakes, but my mom takes pride in her Fruit Cake. I mean, come on, she baked at least four in the past 1.5 months (some to give away, of course), so I’d feel bad if I don’t inherit her specialty and make it her legacy by passing it down to my kids and grandkids in the future. Anyway, Alex likes fruit cake. But he said that on the phone, to my mom when she eagerly asked him if he likes fruit cakes, so hmmmm… lol. Btw: I think I like watching when Alex talks to my parents. HAHA. It’s so funny. But OKAY it’s not that fun when the tables are turned. Hmph.

But anyway. Fine. I’ll learn it. And I’ll make sure it’s good. But I won’t eat it much. The fruit cake, I mean.

I’d really like to bake cheesecakes (yummy) but I couldn’t possibly because my parents are at that stage where they’re completely abstaining from anything with cholesterol, so I’d have to eat the whole thing myself. AND I don’t like not being able to share the joy when I bake/cook something nice.

And please. I’ll gain 10 kilos in a week if I do that.

So fine. No cheesecakes.

And now my parents have taken to calling my precious cobbler “kueh”. “Lin, go eat your kueh.” “The kueh nice or not?”. Lol. Peach cobbler LA! Kueh sounds so…ancient. Like a 10centcurrypuffbytheroad manwithastrawhatonabicyclekind of old. Heh okay, okay, so I’m a pompous Westernised arse. :X


P.s. Go to! A lot of people should read that, honestly. Especially the owner of this blog I read to laugh. HAHA. (Nanett you know who I mean :D)