A bit of blue sky, draped like a banner across your eyes. What would you see, if you were to tear it away?

I decided to start having categories, because it’s always a good thing to organise my thoughts. It’s like having separate entities with separate identities within myself. Keeps me rational, if you ask me. Which you didn’t, of course, but that’s what blogs are for, anyway. Monologues. Or conversations with an imaginary audience. (: Hey, maybe that’s what my blog’s new name shall be. Conversations with an Imaginary Audience.

The thing I love about country music, besides the music, is that despite all that good music, folk singers are really the least appealing-looking people in the entire music industry. Maybe that’s why it gives a nice homey feeling. Unpretentious. Plus, most of the times the lyrics are deliciously incomprehensible. There’s a sort of attractiveness to mysterious lyrics. Unlike lyrics of the Simple Plan kind, which sound like Simple Plan learned poetry from nursery rhymes.


Deep in the belly of a whale I found her
Down with the deep blue jail around her
Running her hands through the ribs of the dark
Florence and Calamity and Joan of Arc


To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you’re down
To feel like you’ve been pushed around


Anyway, the point of my complaint is that I found a nice new Southern rock-n-roll song. The Allman Brothers Band: Blue Sky. Embedding disabled, too bad.
Not country, but close, right? Never mind. It’s not like everyone who reads this isn’t equally clueless about the confusing dichotomy of American music. 😀 No offence.


Anyway, I’ve been feeling strangely disconnected from people lately, I must say. Another movie date with the Family (yet again, just 80%) to watch The Eye, just two days ago, wasn’t much of a help, though I must say it was a one-of-a-kind experience. Four girls with handbags, pumps, miniskirt, skinnies grocery shopping for onions and coffee and oats and agar.

By the way, those were some AWESOME pumps. I swear I don’t remember them being only 30+. I thought, 60+. Never mind, too late.

And before that, the movie. Amg. MBO is nice and all, but it’s not that nice when you’re watching THE EYE and the cinema’s only got about 10 people randomly scattered about the place.

But it was hilarious because, when we were purchasing the tickets, we saw on the screen (Yes, screen. Malacca is getting tech-savvy!) that there was only ONE seat taken. WHO the f watches a horror movie alone? My goodness. Then when we entered the cinema, and kicked up a fuss about our scarily deserted surroundings, somehow the thought of “Omg who’s going to be sitting in that one seat?” popped up, and we all kind of half-squealed and half-screamed in terror.

But thankfully other people came in. Not many, but some.
That’s what we get when we watch a horror movie at noon on a weekday.

Oh and before that, we met Stephanie LooLoo at the popcorn counter. I think I have an innate fear of meeting old friends. Like I don’t ever really know what to say, and I can’t say I much like going through the motions of “Oh I’m fine, doing nothing, slacking, directionless, Singapore was fun, Accounting&Finance, results aren’t out yet, I don’t know, scholarship, how are you?, (a few sentences that always sound the same), take care, bye!”


The Eye: A Not Very Holistic Review

Anyway, The Eye wasn’t too scary. Except that one scene in the elevator. Any movie where I actually keep my eyes open for more than .75 of the movie isn’t too scary.

The thing about Hollywood remakes of Asian horror movies is that, sometimes you get scenes which are DISTINCTLY Asian, and SO uncharacteristic of Hollywoody ghost flicks. Like that elevator scene. And “Have you seen my report card?” which is admittedly pretty funny, come to think of it.

Okay okay don’t laugh at dead people.

And then another one was “I see…” <in exasperation> “What, dead people???” which seemed more like a parody than anything else, which I’m guessing was partly the intention of the screenwriters, maybe.

Besides that, I can’t say much for the plot, because it is, after all, a remake, and if I’m going to blame anybody for anything it’d be the original producers. But The Eye seems to overdo it sometimes, like the thing about the cellular memory, and the part where Alba goes “It’s a bomb!!” (which I found quite funny too. American movies and their terrorist fetish. Sheesh.).

Yeah, I know you want to make your movie “credible”, but in the first place the whole plot is already pretty unrealistic. So in the end it just makes the producers look like pompous asses (ha Yi En your phrase) who want to set their films a class above lousy Asia and our scientific backwardness.

My raw rating is 4/10.

+0.5 because the doctor reminds me of Danny from CSI:NY so the final score is:

Do the bloody Math yourself.



Can someone stop me from blogging too often?
It’s annoying me.