Here’s a big hug from me to everyone who reads this! Tee hee hee.
Meh what am I getting excited over? I’m sick and Alex is two hours away by bus ANYWAY.

*cough sniff cough*

But anyway, here’s an adorable smiley to embody the spirit of what good ol’ St. Valentine has given to modern-day Vday culture.

SO CUTE RIGHT! I love cute smileys.

Lonely for Vday ): But it’s alright! No amount of kilometres will come between what we have anyway hah. Try us man, I dare you. We are bound together in heart and spirit and nothing can stand up to the greatness of this love. We are like a rolling giant wooden ball that flattens anything in our path. HAHA. LOL. KOK.

Anyway, to:

Vanessa Michelle Pei Jie Claire Nikki Avonne Ruth Nanett Clara Kelly Wenhao Gengrui Fried Gin Yuen Yi En Alex Chang Amanda Lakshmi Steph Lee Val Suet Jac Lois Cat Gen Joelle Han Kah Han CQ Ian Wern Ming Loong Kia Deb Quan Adrian Chinee Bennett Isaac Julian Chwis SOURSOPS AMAZING ALTOS CHORALE BEEFY BASSES TINY TENORS


I hereby express my heartfelt for you!
Though I’m not there in person and can’t go shopping@Bugis…
Can’t hangout at MRT stations and act cool standing around at shopping malls…
Can’t crash pracs and sectionals…
Can’t be there and make your day because that’s what I do around people…HAHA…
Can’t go online shopping at night and borrow your Physics notes because mine are never complete…
Can’t watch ANTM and tell ghost stories so (somebody) covers her ears and goes nonononononono…Okay that sounds like me as well but hmph…
Can’t crash chorale table to have someone say “How’s CHINAHH-MAN!?”…

Happy Vday.

And please read this. If not my efforts go to waste. Lol.

P.S. :



DAN&SERENA (read: Alex and Hui Lin HAHA) FTW!!!!

P.P.S: Cute video, was not exactly meant for Vday, but can la. Haha. >>>Stickman How We Met