Divisive, cliquish, whatever. I still kind of miss it all.

There’s still a certain cohesion to a bunch of people studying in a sealed air-cond room everyday. You inevitably know and hear things about one another, and sometimes, when word goes around, that ability to freely go OMG I just found out I’m so happy for you is a happy memory in itself.

There’s the watching the guys playing ping pong with the GC cover against the whiteboard, and people like Zhuo Jing and Claire watching eagerly, saying, “I wanna play I wanna play.”

There’s the walking around the room, waiting for the tutor to stride in and say, Good Morning 6H, and randomly bugging people. You’ll never get to do that anywhere else.

And then, sometimes, you get a meaningful conversation or two, and that kind of thing settles down into the dust after a while, until one day when you find out something about that person– a small, insignificant update– but it stirs up memories of that time you had a brief connection, but disappeared after that.

SIGH. Shit. Bloghopping makes me reminisce. Haha.

I realise that I never linked 6H people. Slaps self ):. Until now! 😀

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