Decided that if I actually left my post about my zits there, I would sound a lot like the kind of people I look at really condescendingly.

Haha some things you whine about to random girlfriends or boyfriend (did I tell you? I hate the word boyfriend. It sounds frivolous and dismissive, like, oh, let’s just have fun and play House, I’ll be the wife and you’ll be the husband. Something like that. But I can’t really find any other word for it…)but not publicise. Lol.
Must be careful.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Played with so many toddlers today, ahh. I have to say my favourite toddler is my nephew Javen (grandson of my closest aunt/uncle) who came today in a red checked shirt and denim pants. SO ADORABLE.

He loves cars and pillows, and he can tell between the different car brands (brand?) though he’s about 2 years and 8 months; and when I asked him if he liked a Mini Cooper or a Mercedes better, he said, “Mertheedees!” while rolling around on gold satin pillow (AAH) and then when I asked if he wanted a Mercedes or a BMW he said “BemDubbew!” AHHH hahaha.

Okay I exaggerate. It was very audibly BMW, not so fuzzily baby-languagey. Haha.

And he can pronounce Volkswagen! What toddler can pronounce V properly, let alone Volkswagen!

He loves his grandparents, and often comes barreling into them to throw his arms around them.

And he has a damn adorable squeal (which was what he did repeatedly as he was climbing up a pillow heap).And he can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in baby language!! Haha.

And that time he stuffed a Mickey Mouse into an apple container then I said “Oh oh Mickey Mouse bu jian liao! Zen me ban??”

Then he opened the cover with a flourish and said “Dingdingding!!” (magic!!) with a really cute grin, like he thought he was really smart!

So cute! Haha.