One thing that irks me about these cool Western TV shows is the way the writers seem to think all of Asia is a uniform race or something. Except, of course, the image of the typical Asian is unique to each show. So what we get is a mishmash of countries and languages that can be completely -.-

About that Numb3rs episode I just watched. A Chinese interpreter died, and her name was Michelle Kim!!!
That’s Korean.

Then there was this Alias episode where Jennifer Garner (muscle woman) went to kick asses in Taiwan and everyone spoke Cantonese!
Hokkien is forgivable.
But Cantonese?


Where do these people do their research, Chinese food restaurants?

Maybe the writers ordered Chinese food at home one day because they was too busy brainstorming for new episode ideas.

Then the delivery boy rings the bell. He is a student from Korea working part-time.
The restaurant has a special service where the delivery boy greets according to the country of origin of the dish he is delivering. So because the writer ordered Cantonese Beef with Oyster Sauce, the boy says, “Lei hou!” (or whatever mainstream Cantonese greeting la k)

Then a second bell rings, this time it’s in the writer’s head. He feels utterly inspired by this endearing Foreign Person With Really Small Eyes. Maybe he should involve ASIANS in his next episode! Surely that must be a novelty!

So he asks the delivery boy, “Hello boy, what is your name?”

“My name is Daniel Dae Kim.”

So the writer says thank you and because he thinks all Asians are from China, he sets off writing an episode about a Chinese interpreter who speaks Cantonese, whose name is Something Kim.

And hey, presto, you get an episode about an Asian.

Sheesh! Just because you cannot understand Asians it doesn’t mean we all speak the same language!

No one here ever made a show about an All-American college romance where everyone speaks with a British accent and go, “Yoyoyo how ma man doin’ yo?”, RIGHT?

Haha then again practically every white male in a Hong Kong spy movie is called “Mr. Johnson”.

So who am I to complain?