I was going to write a mean, biased, obviously not fully informed post on Msia’s education system, then I thought the better of it– because Ming Loong once told me that employers sometimes go blog-hunting as a sifting device for potential employees. And y’know, considering I’m partly banking my future on the non-existent generosity of Msia to the minority (whoops, did I just say that) I thought I might just save my rants for another time, another place, where four walls don’t listen and stupid internet archives don’t keep track.

Anyway, out of curiousity, I tried to see how easy it’d be to Google and coax my blog out of hiding. So I tried a few things, starting with “hui lin blog”.

Then I realised that there are just about a gazillion hui lins around. And that gazillion minus about the one million in Singapore and maybe half a million in Malaysia all come from China.

And I used to think my name was unique!! I knew 3 variants of my name from primary and secondary school (which are about the same people since they were feeder schools, whatever you call them) — Hwei Ling, Hui Ling, Hooi Ling. Always Ling and never Lin.
Then now thanks to the wonders of Google I find out that I’m not so special after all ):


On to stuff that won’t get me thrown into ISA.

I cringe whenever people blog with sticky caps and pseudo-hiphop/ahlian slangs and highlight practically every other non-important word in bold and bright obiang colours!

And then sometimes they even dedicate one entire post to completely utterly terrifyingly befuddling narcissism.

Titles can be like “Camwhore!”

Introduction line: “Bare wimme la okayzzz *winkeys* ” [I’M SERIOUS ABOUT THE SPELLING]

Followed by a slew of not-very-aesthetically-pleasing but scarily unapologetic pictures.

That’s Malaysian. The Singaporean version is on RunwayCity. Haha.

“Omg guys I’m SO OUTTA STYLE! You GOTTA HELP ME! Does this look okay on me??”

There’s bloghopping for you, you discover new pet peeves as you go.

Hehe. Surely they have better things to do with their time than take a billions pics of themselves only to post one or two remotely okay ones.

Sure I have better things to do than to read them. Hehe.
Okay off to read intellectual stuff.


Obama pwned Hillary on the Democratic Debate. What me and Alex think anyway.
I hope he wins. Not because I truly, truly care about America’s politics (yeah I know in the long run they affect us and whatever but I’m not really bothered about that right now) but because I think he seems like a nice guy. And a sensible one with principles.

Though I guess he doesn’t sound like a very forceful person.
But non-forceful people can be quietly inspiring. Like Wenhao, horrrr?

But would one need guts to make decisions against a Congress when needed? I suppose so, right??
And anyway the Iraq issue is so over by now, since US is stuck in dipshit trying to crawl out of economic doom.

I don’t get these stats people. One day say got recession another say don’t have.
Malaysia on the other hand, firmly alleges day in day out that there’ll never be a recession and we’re all safe from the credit crunch thanks to the genius of our country’s leaders.


Okay. I’m delirious and sleeeeeepyyyzzzz.

Bear wimme *winkeys*


Goodday all! 😀