…end too quickly.
I went up to PJ to stay with Alex and his family, and yes, and I had an absolutely whopping good time. I love how everything falls into place, every single time, and things right now can only look more and more right. And I shall stop my rambling right there, before it even begins. (:

What’s the opposite of post-traumatic stress syndrome? Post-happytime high. Okay okay not exactly the best show of my very, very extensive Mastery of the English Language (hmph) but whatever.

I am going through a post-happytime high. Haha.

So before I spam you with pictures, WHEE we met up with Amanda and Paul at Bukit Bintang and had a good laugh over Pizza Hut pizza. I would have made them take pictures if they weren’t already late for work from their one-hour lunch break.
But ahh I love how small the world is sometimes! Me Amanda Alex Paul. Koked around quite a bit and apparently Paul is surprised at how, as Amanda puts it, ganas (literally means violent but uh taking it in context. What’s the opposite of demure?) Convent girls can be. Hah.

Manipal! Lolol. Ask me about it, it’s really damn freaking mega chair-kicking handbag-dropping funny.


OneUtama shopping mall I love the lamps. So prettttyy.



Whee. The reason I was in KL (:

Genting. Went on the 9am bus and whoo it was terribly cold. I mean, just look at the mist.
But nice. I like cold weather. Cold weather is nice. Malaysia/Singapore should have cold weather all year round. Instead of mostly hot sunny sweaty sticky disgusting days.

Hah, Pei Jie.


Indoor Theme Park. YumYum Bak Kut Teh. Actually I have no idea why I took this picture but anyway. Very Chinesenewyear-sey, huh?

Somewhere Outdoors. This secluded spot in the mist you can reach by climbing some mossy flight of stairs.
But I love this picture lots. So haunting! Just add some creepy movie title to that blank spot of sky there and tada you’ve got a cheesy Hollywoood horror flick.

Alex and I were trying to take some scary silhouette picture but haha what a joke the pictures ended up to be :P.


The same spot, in a less creepy light. ❤
It’s really a very very pretty place to be in the mornings!


Oh look this is after the mist cleared. Stark difference can.


The Corkscrew, which, I was told, was a topic of a joke or two when Alex, Paul and two F4s went the other day. XD

Anyway, the rollercoaster is DAMN SCARY LA. I mean look at the metal contraption-like thing behind the deceivingly cheery yellow green train. The first fall was like SWOOOOOOSH and I swear I felt my heart jam its way right up my esophagus into my throat. REALLY that’s what it feels like!!!

And screaming was like, a reflex. Like really it was like omg alex i damn scared shit why the thing move up so slowly omg shit alex i damnscaredidamnscaredidamnscaAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Only thing shittier is to have a giant flying cockroach fly past you when you’re in a confined small space, like a washroom, for example. Hmmmmmm.


Another nice slightly haunting picture.


Hehe. Use Energizer!

Seriously I think it’s hilarious that they have such a humongous battery with a terribly goofy face decorating the scene at Genting.


A general view of Genting Outdoor Theme Park.


And now I shall not subject you to scrolling through lots of camwhore pictures on the way down in the cable car.
Camwhore pictures are not meant to be published.

Call it an online diary or whatever, but you know you like the attention. C’mon. You know it.
Hahaha I’m so mean and judgmental okayokay *stops.


Took many many shots here, and I have to say it’s pretty scenic. Thanks to Alex’s Dad for driving us there (:

It’s the admin centre of Malaysia which is nothing much on a Saturday except a bunch of, I have to say, very grand buildings of nice design (Fried I wish I could have snapped the pictures for you but we were in a car!).

And a symbol of how Malaysia glamourously wastes taxpayers’ money.

I mean, a manmade lake? For what? For government officials to go boating during their lunch break? Or during one of their many minum kopi breaks in a day.

Hmph now we know why Malaysia is the great place it is. Government peeps getting chummy dragonboating and going HAW!! to the sound of a gong instead of staying in the office, helping think up effective ways to fight crime in KL.

Well anyway nice dragonfly picture. I used to be obsessed about dragonflies. So pretty!


A very patriotic picture but it would have been here all the same if each flag bore a Teletubby or something.
I mean fifteen flags, each teletubby can do three poses you know.

Come to think of it there are only four of them.
But since Po is so gay he can do extra.

Anyway. It’s for the wind effect, my friend. Haha.

Btw Alex took it. Nice eh? Nyah.


Ooh nice clouds looming over a nice bridge.


Alex skipping stones. If I had more skillZ I would have been able to take more splashes in the water.

By more, I mean just another one. Hehe. Alex skipped it once in this throw.


On the nice bridge. I love these Stairway to Heaven kind of roads.


Bukit Tinggi Resort. Alex’s Dad drove the entire lot on Sunday up here before I left (left!! )): ). French-themed resort hotels and bakeries and pâtisserie a la France and stuff like that.
If only they were authentic!
But well they’re pretty all the same. Especially since it’s on highlands and everything.


Well there. Somewhere around the courtyard.


View from the tower where a bunch of kids formed a human chain with balloons. So adorable!! Especially when Alex’s sister tickled a little boy from behind with one of his balloon antennas. Haha! Kids ahh I want.


Spiderpig, spiderpig…


Nice shot, this one and spideypig both from Alex!


On the way to Japanese tea garden. I think goldfish are really quite mystical creatures.


Around the lush greenery at the Japanese tea garden.
Woot I love my new Vivie flats. So completely soft and comfy and walkable-in everywhere.


Then on the way down we stopped at the Rabbit Farrrrrrm. Omg they are really really bloody adorable. Okay, non-comparable to hedgehogs, but second best.

I mean, LOOK.


Then we bought rabbit food pellets to feed them and argh I tell you when they nibbled food in my hand I seriously felt like bunnynapping one and bringing it home.

But I decided that bunnies are bad sniffers because when I was holding out one tiny pellet they sniffed everywhere and couldn’t find it until I very purposefully directed the pellet at their cute little snouts. Are they called snouts? Noses? Anything la can. Haha.

And bunnies, like human beings, have a hierarchy and diversity in character! There are bullies and nice tame ones and greedy ones and some with weird habits like rejecting pellets for dried leaves.

There was this bad, bad bunny with black and white splotches like a cow, which had a habit of leaping at other bunnies to smell their butts. No joke.

Especially if there are a few bunnies snuggling together under a rock or something.

The ass-smeller would bound happily there and stick his nose at their behinds.
And he’s really selfish!! Everytime we hold food out to a bunny he comes running to cut queue. Evil bunny.

Bunnies are such snuggly wuggly creatures hehe. Ahhhh!! I want one!

Well okay so I resized and uploaded so many pictures already, I refuse to upload more.

And well since I don’t have a punchline with an oomph to end my post I shall just end it