Hehe I just learned how to use the machine today but I came up with a pouch, albeit a terribly sewn and very asymmetrical one. But it’s a pouch nevertheless! I’m so proud of it. Can’t wait to accesoriseeeee 😀 Ribbons and buttons and roses, here we go. Not on this one though, haha.

It actually kind of turned out half the intended size. I meant it to be twice as wide (or is it long?) so it’s a good size for travel cards and bank cards, plus odds and ends such as small change, lip gloss, compact and so on. Haha typical girl stuff.

But it looks like only the lip gloss can go in.
Or maybe a Samsung MP3 player.

Without the earphones?  LOL.

)): Nevermind, nevermind, lots of time to improve! I adore the material though…it’s such a sweet print 😀


Ignore the hair on the hairbrush haha. But isn’t the cloth so sweeeeet I like it!

So what does anyone think? Sell-able on a blogshop?

I love pouches! Can’t wait for the day when I can actually make my own pleated wide based clutch. Woohoo.