Come on my friends, congratulate me today, because I took the wheel and I didn’t kill or hit anything.
Although I effectively slept through the 3-hour lecture.
Some things don’t change 😛

Though my engine died (whatever you call it in English, that was translated literally from Malay) twice while trying to go down a slope.

I suck ):

Well but at least the drive around flat areas weren’t bumpy 😀 Good clutch control.
Hey Yi En now I know the other meaning of clutch aside from the bag-clutch clutch. Are you proud of me?


On another note I woke up at 6 a.m. to fry 5 kampung eggs today. Kampung eggs are different from commercialised farm eggs, if you didn’t know. They’re from purebred village chickens reared by families on a small scale in a homemade chicken coop i.e. NO CHEMICALS INJECTED. Okay I wish I had a better definition than that. I couldn’t find it on Wiki, unsurprisingly.

Anyway, here are the differences.
The eggs are much smaller. The shell is much thinner. The shell colour is much fairer, almost off-white. Extending that logically, they cook faster.
Also, the yolk is much yellower and much bigger. Extending that logically, the cholesterol levels tower over that of healthy farm eggs from NTUC.
My grandmother rears these chickens. Extending that logically, I get them for free.

And yes I love them very much haha. Thanks to those humongous egg yellows they taste so good half-boiled (the post-meal bad breath aside), scrambled, as omelets, as sunny-side-ups.

By the way, I don’t know if you can find them in Singapore. But if not, and if you love egg yolks, mwahahaha.


Well now my mother is complaining that she ate too many eggs today. 2 kampung eggs, which are killers with cholesterol as their big and scary weapon, as well half a boiled egg from nasi lemak. Whoops! Looks like someone has to go on a bit of anti-cholesterol diet for the next few days =)


I need to go out. Now. Grr.