Pretty, pristine day. Not a single bird in the sky.

Swirling clouds arrogantly poised above the rooftop behind the 6th floor classroom, like a silent warning. Intimidating sight; like a foreshadow of big things to come.

I’ll say one thing. Welcome, thunderstorm. Nothing radiates grandeur like thunderstorms split into seconds by long streaks of lightning shooting down to earth.

View from the locker area on the 6th floor at night. Oh, those mugging days when I wished so hard for it all be over. And now I wish the days would come back.

6th floor classroom, where there was a freakish glow blinking erratically over the HDBs in the distance. Very War of the Worlds. We never figured out what it was. Thunderstorm brewing far away, maybe.

But it certainly looked like Earth’s electric nightlamp was faulty that night.

My favourite. I think this looks incredibly cool. Guess what it is (:

I would sit here, and stare down, and find nothing but a black, bottomless hole.
I would sit here, and stare around, and find nothing but sky, sky and sky.
I would sit here, and stare above, and see a dead sheet of metal.
I would sit here, and not feel trapped, but feel eternity seeping into my skin.

Actually that’s rather scary. Not my idea of heaven. Perhaps company would be good.

Terribly blur, but it has its charm. It possesses a certain air of unattainability, I feel. It seems to say, your dream lies so far in the distance, and by the time you travel down the long winding road there, it would have slipped into darkness and faded into nothing. Along those lines. Or you could just be staring at a sunset with tearful eyes. Taken from the 6th floor of the science block.

I would walk, alone, guided by a streetlamp or two.
I would lay my eyes on the red orange shimmer wavering on the horizon.
I would walk, dazed and alone, wishing it was closer to me.
I would walk, and find that the walk cannot end.
I might reach, and find that the red and orange is gone, it is now all black, and empty.
And I would stop there and despair, alone.