Whee I’m aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeeeee!

Shoving aside my prejudice against KL and Pudu Raya (bus terminal)…

Okay, it’s not that dangerous, though you might see many suspicious people prowling around, some cheeky enough to make catcalls and blow kisses. Perverts. But thankfully harmless, as long as you don’t do anything very clearly stupid of course.

Being stupid means to take things for granted. Like, for example, camwhoring on the street pavement because you think Pudu looks DAMN nice or something so you want it as a background so you hold your camera out, extending your arm happily with the wind happily blowing through your hair and you grinning happily into the lenses and suddenly ZOOM your camera is gone before you can say cheese and AAAAH.

So yeah being street smart is the key haha but I’m not exactly street smart, you know how Singapore’s so safe that you CAN sort of take things for granted :p.

Well that aside. What a great bunch of people. Bus ride fun, reach there fun, bus ride home fun, but lol not exactly the kind of guys gentlemanly enough for you to depend on to take care of the girls 😉


Michelle Swee Chern Gin Yuen Me Gilbert Pravesh Chester (jie) Wun Chiak Darren, who’s a little blacked out in the corner…
Nice to have met you all again/ met you all. Yay. Kay lol none of them will ever read this I bet, not even GGY my big-small sis. Hmph gy.


Guys camwhored in the bus while girls slept/ tried to sleep. Guys camwhore girls never camwhore. Where got such thing one. Lol.

FUN! Next time must shop.

Tired goodnight!