To all ye Singaporeans with really tough and expensive driving tests, guess what. I’m going for my Road Rules computerised test tomorrow morning 😀 I can’t imagine myself driving.

First of all I’d find it hard to look in the rearview mirror, that much craning of the neck can’t do myself too much good.

Then I’d find it hard to not scream everytime I approach a hump or the curb or an animal in the middle of the road or a flying insect. By the way Alex doesn’t consider my idea of ‘approach’ really ‘approach’ at all, because every time I jaywalk I seem to think that tiny dot in the distance is about to hit me.

Then I’d find it hard to coordinate my right and left hand…my eyes with my ears… classmates who’ve seen me do PE would know. Altos who’ve seen me on the keyboard would know.

Then I’d find it hard to estimate distance, like I already mentioned. Pei Jie who played catch with me would know.

Then I’d find it hard to keep remembering to bring my drivers’ license.

Then I’d find it hard to avoid accidents when I’m still on probation.

So, here’s a tip to myself. Once you get your P license, stay away from the road for two years till you get your permanent (i.e. Competent) license. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to drive after two years, because:

I’d be at uni, which is hopefully somewhere where the currency is 6+ times of the RM.

After two years I’m pretty sure there’s still enough land area around Kampung Melaka for lots of new and empty residential areas to mushroom, and they’ll be my playground to practise. I can’t have my license revoked if I don’t kill anyone because there’s no one around to kill.

After uni, I probably will be working either somewhere with a good public transport system i.e. Singapore or somewhere with a semi-reliable public transport system i.e. KL. Semi because you never know when some random guy will chloroform you, hide you somewhere to (insert something disgusting here) you, take you to the ATM the next morning to rob you at knifepoint, then release you in a condition so completely screwed up that you can’t say a word to anyone anymore.

Speaking of KL, I’m going there on Sunday by bus and I’m scared to hell because there are too many drug addicts and snatch thieves and occasionally big-time criminals waiting around to prey on an unsuspecting female and whisk away a handbag or two at the bus station i.e. Pudu.

And I swear I’m not exaggerating!

Well good luck to me (: both tomorrow and Sunday.

Cross your fingers, comrades, and hope I’ll still be around Sunday night to impart more wisdom here.

If I’m not, I have my gun-toting NS buddies to avenge my death after two years. So there.



Photoshop makes pictures so much prettier sometimes. My Photoshopping skills leave much to be desired though, so yes. That is one thing I must master in the next few months. Aside from getting a job, reading those investment books and mags my bro gave me O.O(help!!), doing more art-and-craft stuff because I’m running out of card ideas ):, learn cycling (yay Joelle), um. Well I’m not a very exciting person, as you can tell. I would like to say, climb mountains! Go rafting! Er, backpack across the Peninsula! Er. Backpack to Singapore, maybe… though Nikki says I should use a trolley bag rather than the backpack. Yes I confess the backpack is terribly geeky, but you see, it has a purpose, because it makes it harder for bag-snatchers, and it keeps people at a fair distance from me at the customs queue. You’d never see me climb mountains or rafting either heheh because…well, because.

[rant] You know,  one time I was at the customs queueing up, and this lady behind stood SO close to me that I could feel her breathing down my neck. And you know what she did next? She SNEEZED! How majorly EW can someone get! And I could clearly see from the glass wall next to me that she sneezed RIGHT INTO MY LOVELY TRESSES. YUCK. If I weren’t the nice sweet person I was, added to the fact that I’m at the mercy of the customs police people (whatever you call them), I would have..well what am I thinking! I’m too nice to dream up any acts of violence hehehe. [/rant]

Well anyway the point of this added passage to my previous blogpost is:




I like them so much better now! Go see facebook to see how the last two pictures previously looked.

Hmm the second picture’s background looks kinda grainy.

I need to learn how to only select people. Anyone knows?