I HATE JENNY. She really is the ultimate mindless superficial conformist desperate little SNAKE. I can’t say Blair has been what you can call nice to her but I felt terribly sorry for Blair after all that’s happened.

NATE betrayed BLAIR when she was waiting for him to call/come on her birthday, and THAT was the only reason ever why she gave in to Chuck that second time, who is another SNAKE but at least he’s smart. It’s ALL NATE’S FAULT!

1. He slept with Serena.
2. He stood Blair up so many times after she forgave him for 1. which I personally would never do. Not that I’m the epitome of divine forgiveness or whatever but oh come one surely one can see how much she must have loved him to be able to do this.
3. He stood Blair up on her birthday! He might as well have handed her on a silver platter to Chuck!

It’s ALL NATE’S FAULT who asked him to desert Blair in her greatest time of need! My heart nearly broke when Blair cried at her birthday party because Nate didn’t show up. And now he accuses her of being infidel and doesn’t want anything to do with her but the point is she and Nate weren’t even TOGETHER!


I must say at the end of all this I still love Dan and Serena, boring and practically married though they may be (heh actually there’s nothing wrong with that at all, if I may say so myself ^^). Jenny should go bang her head on the wall and die, because even if she hates Blair, she’s killing her brother’s girlfriend’s best friend and I thought she cared for Serena.

Little snake.

And after you watch this clip you’re gonna love Serena and Blair even more. A good mid-season ending, I must say (p.s. PAY THE WRITERS AND END THE STRIKE NOW!) because it’s really nice how there’s this whole tangle of conflicts from the beginning that sort of keeps making you doubt B&S’s off-on so called best-friendship, but in the end that slowly works its way through 13 episodes to one short and sweet conclusion: B and S have always been best friends.

So, you know, AWWWW. Clip here.

Sebastian is right I better not get too absorbed in Gossip Girl O.O

But honestly. Know why GG makes such a good guilty pleasure? Because cliches, especially the kind that strut around in high-end designer clothing, have never looked so good (:

P.s. Nate looks pretty hot when he’s angry 😛 and Mich! Their trenchcoats are so gorgeous. O.o