They really show what dreamers fans are, these stories. Sometimes it can be quite aww how they put two characters together in a romantic relationship that will never happen on TV.

Well heh who doesn’t like the sight of good-looking people getting together. That’s what I watch Gossip Girl for!!

But it would be much better without chunks of ridiculous lines and awkward conversations, and cheesy Sweet Valley-esque forms of expression. Plus really out-of place laughter that makes it quite a pain to read :/

For e.g. (summarised):
“We slept together.”
We burst into fits of laughter.


Stella squealed.

I don’t remember Stella Bonasera ever squealing on CSI:NY, nor do I remember anyone, except for those in the intro shots who are about to die, having fits of laughter. Well, at least they’re a cruel kind of funny read. Like how some blogs are 😀 But some are genuinely funny. Like this one of LOTR about Aragorn and Legolas being gay partners. Sounds like trash, I know, but it was really funny!

And okay fact that I’m attached aside, I’m totally fangirling Eddie Cahill omg he looks like a much less stupid looking version of Josh Hartnett, and with a wider, nicer, dreamier, smile. HAHA. I wish he’d get a nice girlfriend on CSI:NY but I guess it’d spoil his too good to be true bachelor kind of image ):

I don’t know why I’m bothering to blog about this off to hang clothes to dry bye!