Christmas passed by in a flash, less spectacularly than it should have been, for reasons unknown. Not as resonating this year, somehow. No deep breaths and wishing for whiteness, no happy carol humming, so sitting around and dreaming and feeling Christmassy, as I usually do. Oh, there were the tearjerking Christmas movies nevertheless; the good food, the non-Christmas tree, the churchgoing–routine, but bland, in a way. But still more special and sweeter than one would expect. Alex came down for 3 nights. Never long enough, long as it may seem. Brothers came down, eventually both of them, and that counts for a lot. Though one came only come Christmas Day itself, but maybe that adds a unique excitement to the whole feeling of anticipation. Maybe it’s special because it’s different. Maybe it’s less silent and thoughtful and slow, in that beautiful way Christmas always is, because one gets lost in the sweeping excitement of a very beloved visitor, now equally so by my parents I bet, and how everyone isn’t sitting on their Christmas holidays at home anymore, bored and unmoving, like every year in the past. All busy people, all hatched and left the nest– so now the 25th is about getting together to devour Mother’s specialties, and occupied by the joy of doing so, Christmas past is forgotten, and a whole new meaning emerges, perhaps permanently. A good thing sometimes, changes can be. But I’m glad for this one. Incoherent today, because my head is light and fuzzy from what I presume is flu. My voice is as throaty and sexy as ever, haha. Maybe for once I can fight Cat’s low C, but hey I’m not gonna try anything and ruin my voice further.

Well that’s Christmas for you. Summed up in a package of love and family and time well spent.

And 27th, met up with the Family again, still 20% short. Motherless this time. Caught up over coffee and hot chocolate and Alien v. Predator 2. Haha. Next time, Ginyuen, maybe we should watch Alvin and the Chipmunks instead. Or maybe you could go out for less movies with your family and leave one good one for us so we don’t have to be subjected to the horror of horrors of disintegrating heads and gallons of fake blood splashed so intensely on locker room walls I can almost smell it. Haha well! Memories. Much love to all 3 of you.


28th, took a bus up to Singapore for J1-organised Christmas bbq, and made my voice take a terrible turn for the worse haha. Good food though, lots of satay, but NOTHING beats Malaccan satay sauce! All original and wondrously polluted by a mix of smoke and smells from messy, unhygienic-looking hawker centres, and exhaust fumes from passing cars. Nothing better (:. Well back to the party. Good times spent with good people, lots of unnecessary laughter at unnecessarily small things, but it’s lovely to laugh a lot at nothing funny. Me and Ruth wanted to enthusiastically wish Weisong HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to show him we didn’t forget, but 28th turned out to be his birthday. Well to be fair we really thought it was on the 26th! At least we had a specific date in mind! Memories of pretty Christmas tree and lights against bright yellow and green backgrounds. Julian with all his pretend-shyness entertained a bunch of giggle-happy girls like me with his high-low singing heh no offence alright, stories of Bennett and CAN I HAVE A PEN?, J2 interrogation of J1s, some so blur and innocent like Charmaine, haha. J1 carolers performed, to the chagrin of the guard. Silly pictures with fellows bimbos like Joelle. I still don’t have a proper picture with Wenhao, because it’s always ruined by bad timing, or funny faces. Well one thing I can really gush over is the Altos IMPROVED! Hehe. I am So freaking proud of that 😀 Caught up with Avonne, finally (<3) at least I can say I know what goes on in my friend’s life now, haha. Sometimes one can’t be bothered to ask, and it happens all to often, sadly. Stayed over at Ruth’s, talked a little here and there. Watched Whose Line is it Anyway! Good laughs. We both love Ryan Stiles 😀


Small picture just in case they scold me. DONT zoom in!

29th, met Clairebear to have lunch and walk about. Glad to have friends who save on eating like I do hehe. Mango was so TEMPTING dammit what with those racks stuffed full of pretty pretty tops at $19 or so. Talked about Claire’s dental surgery and yikes I really do not like the sound of it. Given my recent toothaches and bleeding gums, especially. No it’s not as horrifying as it sounds, recent doesn’t mean it’s excessive, it probably just means recently I have a lot of pent-up anger and let it go on my teeth haha no la of course not I’m a pretty contented person.


I MISS YOU GALPALS VANESSA COME BACK SOON but ahh I doubt I can go up to Singapore anytime too soon; parents aren’t too happy with the way I’m spending my time. Well-deserved ): Met up with Fried later in the evening, and hey Starbucks makes coffee good. It’s just Nescafe that sucks. But one can’t exactly drink Starbucks to stay awake to study haha. Nice talking like that after so long, well. And haha thanks for so willingly cutting the meeting short for me to have dinner with Alex’s parents. SO EXCITING! But whee you don’t want to know what stupid things I did, or how bad I am at using chopsticks ):. Well okay but it ended good so YES good new beginnings and all that. Overnight-ed at Nikki’s house, and breakfast-ed with the 4 at PS Cartel the next morning yay. ❤ We haven’t done that in such a long time!!


31st, gathering/bbq with old friends. ANOTHER bbq!! Apprehensive but was good, stayed at Qp’s house. Good old gossip and reminiscing lol. So many stupid pictures thanks to Teng and Aldridge who think taking pictures like video snapshots is a good idea -.- And throwing coldwater at people. Well I didn’t. Because I shalt not do unto others what I don’t want others to do unto me, especially when I have a voice as low as that woman…what’s her name. Greta Garbo or something like that. And firecrackers and sparklers! Though we didn’t take any pictures with them. Should have ): Haha well what better way to settle into a new year than to light forbidden sparklers and fireworks and stuff, whatever you call of them. Really, pleasant surprises spring up at the most unexpected moments, when hopes run the lowest. Thought it would be revisiting old ghosts, but no, it was much, much sweeter than that, especially when someone said CHIEW HUI LIN! Long time never call that name already!! What a welcome, but thanks; it meant a lot, more than you know (: And two years truly is a looong time.


(pic’s large but shall not spoil the resolution any further)

Well new year’s come and gone, my resolutions are one day late. Time to do something about that. Ahh. Lightheaded, and mood’s beyond repair for tonight, so perhaps I shall go take a shower and sink into bed.

Good night.