I think when we come from good families, good homes, grow up surrounded by good friends, it’s so easy to lie back and smile and be oblivious to how deeply evil people can be.

Callous thought. Sometimes life isn’t as boring as I’d like to think it is. I actually witness quite a bit of real-life drama O.o

This family I know. The granma’s my ex-babysitter, and she’s a wonderful person, so good and kind-hearted that if everyone were to live like she does, I think we wouldn’t even need religion. Well. Her daughter-in-law is unimaginably evil. Married her son, made life difficult for her in-laws, and now she’s some bitch to her husband.

Family’s not rich. Her husband sells sotong at a wet market. She marries into the family, fights with his parents, changes all his bank accounts to hers. Now she just ran off, with their three kids, in his car, with the bank passbooks, and filed a report that he molested their maid.

I think lightning should strike her dead then teleport the kids back home. She doesn’t deserve anything better. Evil is made worse when you inflict it on undeserving people, in my opinion, and my ex babysitter, bless her, and her daughter and her husband, are probably the most undeserving people I know.

Hello lightning do you hear me? Strike her please. And teleport the kids home.

The kids are the cutest ever. The older boy hops around like nobody’s business, and doesn’t stop prancing around. Has a penchant for staircases, like all prancey kids do.

Second boy is so smart and curious. Came to my house and pointed to everything he saw, including a cardboard dino skeleton and a furry panda (interesting deco don’t you think) on the shoe rack and asked what they were. Ooh and that was the first time I saw my older brother so gay. Practically led him around the house like a proud father. Haha.

Little girl, don’t remember much of her. But she was the first baby I held! Had cute ribbons in her hair.

You see how undeserving this family is. My exbabysitter (auntie) , her husband (uncle) and their daughter (jie jie) , bring Macs for my brother and I each year on our birthdays (until we grew wings and left the nest of course). And red packets, but I hesitate to say that in case people say I want money. But year, even red packets. Every single time, without fail. The red packets still come, btw. They always came together, until one day uncle became too weak to walk and travel too much. Oh man.

And that stupid daughter-in-law, let’s call her B. B for bitch. (Not Blair Waldorf! Haha. Gossip Girl XD) Actually let’s call her bitch. Bitch doesn’t even take care of her kids, auntie does all the dirty work. She just spends money and steals from her husband. Married into the family, helped out with the sotong-selling business, and now she files for a divorce and claims the business is hers.

Bitch should get struck by lightning, I don’t care. Kids will probably function better, jie jie’s a better mother than she is.

I think all elderly people should be absolved of all suffering, really. It’s not fair! Especially such golden-hearted old people like them.

Well FYI. Looks like I’m not getting into Oxford.