The Family Minus Manda at Dataran

An 80% Reunion, haha ❤ At least there was one pretty Christmas tree!

Dataran still has a long way to go, unfortunately. I’m banking on that new wing coming up. Currently there isn’t much to see, except some basic labels like a nice big Padini store (yes you Singaporeans, it’s a Malaysian brand, and not a bad one too!) with nice big racks of 70%-off and 50%-off, which actually, isn’t that much either. You know how those racks are mostly mini-sized, plus-sized, or plain ugly. Found a nice pair of formal heels. Okay understated. Found a gorgeous pair of formal heels for only RM29.95 (btw it’s Ringgit, not Ringitt, like this Econs teacher spelled it in our Monetary Policy notes. Hmph), and i TOTALLY WANTED THEM but ahhh conscience spoke to me really loud that day and I couldn’t hear anything else in my head because the resounding nonononononononono. Damn.

Random musings. I still don’t understand why people girls take pictures of themselves doing some come-hither pose, IN FRONT OF A MIRROR SO THE CAMERA IS RIGHT THERE FOR YOU TO SEE, and post them on Fb or blogs or whatever.

I mean, seriously. It’s not as though they try on some new outfit and go “Hi guys new outfit whaddaya think?” and that, despite being an excuse, is still an excuse– though the *choke* validity of that is debated, of course.

Instead they take the idea of privacy of the home to a new level by snapping pictures of themselves in spags and shorts or whatever they wear daily at home. Really, who gives a crap what you wear at home? Or how your hair frames your cheek and tumbles softly down to eventually rest gently in a beautiful (or so you think) lock on your shoulder? Or how many different kinds of pouts and smiles you can do? Or how oily thin your face looks when you give it a little tilt this way or that? Do they really get such a boost to their self-esteem when readers pass a comment like “Ooooh [insert name] you look so cute/sexy/chio is this picture!!”. I don’t get it.
One word. EEEEEEEEEEEEEW. I apparently need to upgrade my vocab haha.

This goes out to Vanessa: I saw my stupid new Maybelline foundation for RM24!! And guess how much I bought it for at Guardian at Novena Square. $19.90!! Arghhh! But at least the RM24 bunch didn’t have the shade I bought. Haha. But still!!! Heartache can!