If I were lame, I would say, nope, I don’t mean the environment. But well yeah I am pretty lame most of the time :/ so okay.
Nope, I don’t mean the environment.

Now I’m moping, half sweaty from using parents’ cycling-exercise-machine thingy (think up a cool name for that), because A isn’t sending me a nightly sms to tell me he’s fine, he’s good, everything’s alright. And worse is that I can’t missed-call because the ‘person I am trying to reach is unavailable’. That makes me feel a whole lot better… I think you’re wrong, I am kinda clingy. Sigh. Or maybe just when it comes to certain things.

And you can clearly tell I have no life [that’s so Shermon] nothing else on my hands that’s better to do besides sit around and download How I Met Your Mother, or watching random [but muchly adored] GG clips –I’ve influenced a GUY into watching it, btw– because well, I find joy in sitting around and having nothing to do. No big plans. No deadlines, nothing. Or so I thought. Then peer pressure and parental pressure strike, and I realise that hmm I need to be productive and do, or at least plan, constructive things.

Like go shopping next monday read up on current issues in Malaysia which have kinda slipped my notice for ages. I think I’m going to scrap my US applications… okay maybe not. Fuck. This is frustrating, applying for something I really have no intention for but feel compelled to apply anyway because it’s not as though that hypothetical being upstairs is kind enough to bless, or so they call it, me with all my dreams coming true. Warwick isn’t replying, and, duh, neither is Oxford… might not anyway since this idiot didn’t even see a Question 10 [13 marks btw] till 5 minutes before time was up, hence screwing up Question 9, you know, part of the whole complimentary package that comes with being stupid. Of all the times you do something like this, the first has to be Oxford. Wayy to go.  And that stupid personal statement. Don’t think I ever read anything more artificial, and forced, and unnatural, than that.

Okay sms just came in, but whatever, my missed call isn’t going through, whatever.

Fed up. Time to go look for Penn’s essay topics. Dammit.