How I Met Your Mother, put simply, rocks.

And so does Gossip Girl omg just watched the full ep. 10 VANESSA!! Dan and Serena are just so sweet I think I’d die of diabetes if I ate them on a donut HAHA.  Oh please please why did the Writer’s Guild have to go on strike for goodness’ sakes! Now I have to wait until next year for the rest of the season (after ep. 13 of course) AHH. Serena and Dan had BETTER not break up! Actually when they focus too much on a couple in a story you kind of know they’ll break up. Deep down in your heart. Like OTH. Then she’ll sleep around with every other hot guy available before coming back together with the original guy which she supposedly “realises at last is the One” at the end of the entire series. Anyway in the books Dan and Serena didn’t get together so argh. Maybe the show is just teasing us before they smack the breakup in our faces )))):

But Gossip Girl could be different! Right? ^.^