The four, as Nikki would say.

Class picture

Table picture. We finally have one of all of us!

Like Vanessa said, prom was boring.. but wouldn’t have missed it anyway. <33

Gossip Girl is good, and now someone else agrees with me too hehh. Someone who bought 2 mascaras for 7 bucks. Dan and Serena had better not break up, if they do I’ll boycott GG! It’s time we had some fairy tale soap opera, not everybody likes to be reminded that nothing, or so Hollywood loves to tell us (except in Christmas movies), lasts forever.

Just watched a Christmas movie and cried like shit. Wimp. Lol. Home is getting a bit boring (though I haven’t finished unpacking even), I’d better come up with a plan. Now.

Ahh galpals I miss you all I can’t believe I can’t sms for e.g., Clairebear every Thursday night to ask if she’s watching ANTM, Van to whine about some adorable new online jewelry or top I can’t buy, etc. In fact I can’t even surf blogshops because I can’t buy them ANYWAY! Malaysia’s too big and inefficient.. I mean too inefficient (and just inefficient) to have reliable blogshops. Ahh. Well. At least I know now I’ll stop spending.

Hmm. Perhaps I’ll go hunt down big bro’s copy of Globalisation and its Discontents and actually finish that last half I never read.